Unpacking Culture: How To Decorate Your Home with Your Recent Travels

There’s a certain freedom in traveling to places all over the world. The sun seems a little brighter. The people seem a little happier. The culture is so captivating that you have to bring some of it home with you. So if you’ve gone out into the world, adventured it up, or went sight seeing, here’s how to bring the trip home with you. Here’s how to decorate your home using items you’ve collected from all the places you’ve traveled to.

Know How to Shop

You may be an expert traveler, but are you an expert shopper? Before you spend all of your money on items you want, learn how to shop in other cultures. When you’re going abroad, you need to know what type of currency the country uses. You also need to learn the style of shopping. Do you know the language well enough to barter for a lower price?

It’s okay to shop spontaneously, and purchase something that simply catches your eye. However, while you’re shopping you need to consider a few things. Make sure the price is worth it. Consider how big the item is, and if you’ll have to ship it back to your home. Consider how delicate it is if it’ll be traveling in your suit case with you. You don’t want to buy something and have it break before you get it back home.

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Handmade Items

When traveling, its important to know where to shop. A street market is a great place to get authentic items that are handmade. It’s also a place you could be fooled. Follow the expert’s advice and go to a market that’s been proven to be trustworthy. Do some research on the town before you go shopping. There are markets around the world that your wanderlust can’t say no to. When it comes to handmade, make sure it’s genuine.

Handmade items are the perfect way to bring the culture back home with you. Pottery is a popular thing to buy since there are so many pieces unique to their culture and clay. Another great item to find handmade is wooden carvings that usually is made from wood unique to the country.


Designed with Symbolism

Many cultures often have designs, patterns, or symbolism that represents something particular to their country. For example, the symbolic design of a rug. An oriental rug features colors that have specific meaning. Brown represents fertility, white represents purity and other colors have their own significance. A rug can tell a story with the symbols and colors used in its pattern.

If you found an amazing rug, or other item that has its own symbolism, you want to make sure this is displayed somewhere special in your house. Rather than lay your rug on the floor to be walked all over, consider hanging it on the wall to give texture and color to the room. This can make your wall look larger, and create a great focal piece for friends and family to admire the rug, as well as your adventures.


The Style of the Culture

Obviously different countries have different styles to decorate their homes with. Take into consideration the style of the country you traveled to when decorating your home with items you purchased there. Latin American countries have bright and warm colors. Because the décor often represents the sun or the ocean, Latin American items are great to decorate with in your kitchen or a bathroom.

In the Slavic culture, different house hold items had different meaning. Make your décor traditional with its style. Get to learn the customs of your item that you wish to display in your home. If you don’t have that yet, apply this to your search for a fascinating keepsake. Ask yourself where it came from, what its original use was, and what significance it had to the culture. Then you’ll have a better idea of where to put it in your home.

The Knick Knack Shelf

When your adventurous spirit kicks in, and you’re more focused on sight seeing, you might not always take in the larger items to buy. You can still collect the little things from your travels and use them as décor when you get back home. Keep a shelf in your home to display the things you found while you were overseas.

Every time you come home from traveling, you can place another item on the shelf. It’s a great way to keep the small things you’ve collected, and reminisce about all of the places you’ve been to. Bring all of the countries you’ve traveled to together with a display of your favorite knick-knacks from each place.

If you love to travel, then you definitely love bringing a little piece of another country home with you. May your adventures fill your heart and your home with the inspiration of many cultures and wanderlust. Safe travels!

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