Tips to Keep Your Traveling Spirit Alive (even when you’ve returned home)

After an incredible trip with HomeExchange, returning home and settling into your regular daily routine can a hard adjustment. Here are a few tips to make the most of your to-dos and keep that spirit of adventure alive until your next vacation.

Sort and organize your travel photos

Besides the memories you made, the photos you took while traveling are some of the best ways to keep your adventures alive. Make a photo album (digitally or physically) that collects the highlights of your exchange. It will help you remember the experiences, and the relaxation, that you enjoyed during your trip. You can also choose your favorite pictures and have them printed and framed, either individually or in a collage, to place them around your home. Every time you see them, they are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Make a world map of all the places you have explored

Every time you return from an exchange, add one more pin to your individualized map of the world. It is another subtle but exciting way to mark your adventures. Can you imagine where you’ll place the next thumbtack? Why not use a different color to mark the places you’d like to go!

Explore your own city

Sometimes exploring close to home can be almost as exciting as visiting a new location. Take a moment and look at your home city like a traveler and discover those unexplored corners. Have dinner at a restaurant you haven’t been to before, go up to that viewpoint you’ve kept meaning to visit, or take a bike ride and investigate from a different perspective. Another tip: check the schedule of local activities and try out something you haven’t before.

Plan a short getaway

Still need a break from your routine? Planning a weekend adventure is a surefire way to help you to escape. Pick a place that is close to home that has been on your list to visit. There are 52 weekends just waiting to be filled with your next exploration!

Organize a Member “Meet Up” in your area

It is easier than ever to organize a meeting of fellow HomeExchangers! As a part of the Members-only Facebook groups, arranging a Get Together is available at the click of a button! Go to the Group for your country and where you can “write something” click the “Get Together” option. Propose a date and location and explain a little about what you’re planning on doing. It is a great way to connect with the community and continue to share your experiences and anecdotes of your travels!

Accept a proposed Balloon Exchange

Do you have a pending Balloon Exchange request? Use this time to say “Yes!” Not only will you earn a Balloon that you can use on a future exchange but you can continue to connect with people from other places around the world. Listen to their traveling stories and maybe even practice another language. It is a perfect way to allow the world to enter your house!

Share your story with us (and with the whole community!)

We love hearing from you! Just like your family and friends, we love to hear about your travels. Share your experiences with other Members through the HomeExchange Facebook Groups. Send our Social Team an email ( and tell us about your exchange. Or post through Facebook or Twitter and make sure to tag us with @homeexchange or by using #homeexchange. Hearing the stories of real Members who enjoy traveling around the world and exchanging homes is the best gift we can imagine. Plus, it will be a pleasure to share your story on our blog and through our social media posts.

Reconnect with the family

You may have been posting and sharing while on your travels, but that isn’t the same and hearing it firsthand. Sure, you were still connected through Whatsapp, but taking the time to sit down for a lunch or dinner and tell about that restaurant that you discovered or the person you met when catching a train, that’s the real treasure. Plus, they can give you more ideas for your next Exchange! Speaking of…

Start planning your next exchange!

We know you just got back, but there is no better time to start thinking about your next vacation. Make a list of your favorite destinations and begin searching for potential Exchanges. Start sending offers and imagine yourself in that “dream” place. Or maybe it’s time to say yes to that surprise offer in a location you never imagined visiting. It could be the beginning of a beautiful exchange.

Follow some of these tips and we are sure that your spirit of adventure will be alive and well until it can go exploring again. We’d love to hear how YOU the spirit alive. Share it in the comments below!



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