Tips for a successful ski exchange

Ski season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to plan your ski exchange! Here are some tips from our Norwegian representative, and resident ski pro, Tanya.

Find ski areas that suit your abilities

Are you a novice, or travelling with young children? Find a ski area that won’t be too crowded, and that has lots of beginner and intermediate runs. If you and your companions are experts, make sure you find a ski area with lots of off-piste runs, mogul fields, and untouched bowls to drop into. Do a little research first or ask around, so you can prepare for your home exchange search and find homes near the ski areas you prefer.

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Make a budget for your travel expenses

Include how much you can spend for flights and skis passes, but remember with a ski exchange you will save all the money you would otherwise have to shell out for accommodations. With a home exchange, you may even be able to save more by doing a car swap, or by borrowing sports equipment. In fact, many people who have a home near a ski area often have season passes you might even be able to borrow, so you might not have to pay for lift tickets!

Look for a swap that corresponds to your offer

If your home is just average or not located near a desirable travel destination, don’t despair. Many people who have homes near ski areas would still like to get away from their usual scene. On the other hand, don’t automatically expect to swap to an exclusive chalet at Park City or Banff. Your odds will be better if you look for a less-known ski area, or for a simple cabin. These may be smaller but can offer all you need, and are often in less expensive or touristy locations.

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Make an enticing offer and send it to the profiles who match

Keep your offer simple with a few alternative swap dates. Focus on the best things about your home and location. You can always sweeten the deal by offering a car swap, baby equipment, sports club passes, a ride from the airport… be generous and creative! Remember that a ski swap will always beat staying in a hotel, so do your best to make it happen ahead of time and it will.

Do you have tips for a great ski exchange? Tell us in the comments!

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