Tips for an Eco-Conscious Exchange

While globally recognized days such as Earth Day (April 22) are vital, we know that the biggest impact, ecologically speaking, can be made by adjusting how we live our daily lives. We also know that, when traveling, thinking “green” can be a challenge. Thankfully, when going on an adventure through HomeExchange, we are already doing a small part. Here are just a few ways you can extend your eco-impact:

1. Think Energy-Efficient

“Going green” happens before you even leave for your exchange. By switching to LED light bulbs, utilizing reusable batteries, or having Energy Star appliances you’ll do your part in helping the environment and also save you money.

2. Travel Direct

If possible, whether by car, train or plane, take the most direct route to get to your destination. Airplanes use the most fuel during takeoff and landing, so the fewer vehicles you have to take to get there, the better. To make your travel even greener, consider purchasing carbon offsets to help neutralize the emissions used while on your exchange.

3. Pack Light

When confirming your exchange, make a point to check in with your Exchange Partner about some travel essentials. Are you visiting during a rainy season? No need to pack an umbrella when you can utilize one from the home you’re staying at! Heading towards the beach? Ask if they have specific towels that are “beach ready.”

We have a whole list of things you can leave at home thanks to HomeExchange (see you later hair dryer!). In the end, the less you bring with you, the more fuel-efficient you will be along the way.

4. Shop Local, Think Global

We know that shopping at local establishments is one of the best ways to not only get to know your destination better but also to support the local economy. Purchasing goods that are from the region helps to cut down on shipping costs, supports small business, and gives back to the area you’re visiting. An added perk; you can ask the merchants for recommendations and expand your “live like a local” experience.

5. Bag It

Whether going for a long weekend or for an extended trip, a reusable shopping bag is always helpful to have along. It will not only cut down on the use of plastic or paper bags from vendors at the farmers’ markets and grocery stores, but it can also act as a tote bag for activities while on your Exchange. This is another item to talk to your Exchange Partner about to see if they have bags that they use for shopping.

6. Free Refill?

Taking a BPA-free plastic, unbreakable glass, or metal water bottle is a great way to not only stay hydrated but also to keep from purchasing pricey single-use water. In fact, the Earth Day Network‘s initiative for 2018 is to help end plastic pollution. We can all do our part.

7. Keep Water Usage in Check

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources, and it is also one of the things hotels are known for wasting the most of. By opting to use a HomeExchange, you reduce the number loads of laundry that are required to offer fresh linens every day. Also, when given an option, choose for a shower over a bath. They tend to use about a third of the water required to fill up a tub.

When it comes to “going green,” every little bit makes a difference. You don’t have to completely retrofit your house to prove you love Mother Nature. Though you can always opt to exchange with some of the listings in our Eco-Homes Collection to take your eco-living up a notch. We know we have just scratched the services, so we turn to you! What other eco-tips and tricks to you do while traveling? Let us know in the comments below.

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