Think Short Term

We get it; time is a limited commodity. The clock keeps ticking and all of a sudden that last Exchange feels like it was forever ago. That might be because it was. Project: Time Off (an organization devoted to documenting the number of vacation days taken in the United States) has found that a staggering number of people are opting out of holidays…and it’s bad for employers and employees alike! Don’t let yourself be one of those overworked folks who add one more thing to their to-do list. Here are our tips to break out of your routine and take a long weekend to get away.

Tip 1: Timing is everything

Like with good comedy, the adage “timing is everything” is apt for home exchangers. The earlier you start planning and sending exchange requests, the more options you will find. You might want to consider a mid-week vacation to take advantage off-time visits. Along the lines of planning, Project: Time Off reports that 52% of planners use their time off compared to the 40% of non-planners. So start planning now!

Tip 2: Search for Last Minute Exchanges (even if it’s not last minute)

HomeExchange has a handy feature that allows members to advertise their willingness to do Last Minute Exchanges. These members tend to have more flexibility in their schedule or are offering to exchange their second home.

Treat yourself to a Last Minute Vacation

Tip 3: Second homes are a great option especially mid-week

As long as we are talking about filters, why not make use of the Second Home option. Many HomeExchange Members list their second home, and because this does not need to be a simultaneous exchange, you are much more likely to get what you want when you want it. Have a balloon?
A Short Term Exchange is an opportunity to use it.

Tip 4: Flexibility is your friend

Before you lock yourself into a time-off request, book a flight, or tell your friends you will be unavailable, take the time to work with your possible Exchange Partner. If you wanted to make an exchange in April, but you found an ideal Exchange Partner who is only available in May, it might be worth the wait.

Tip 5: Aim for comfort and convenience over luxury and exotic.

You’ve been dreaming of a romantic retreat at some remote alpine village or napping on the porch of a waterfront villa in Bali; a Short Term Exchange is probably less than ideal. Look for places that you can go relatively quickly, so you don’t waste your time off just getting there. Unless of course you are looking to create an epic road trip. When you get to your Exchange, conveniences such as a nearby grocery store or a good selection of restaurants will let you maximize your vacation.

There you have it; our short list of tips to find your next Short Term getaway! Be sure to let us know your advice in the comments below.

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