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Have you already started planning your next vacation? Whether you just returned or you are one of the many people out there who are waiting for an upcoming holiday (long or short) to plan that trip that takes you out of your routine.

Wherever you’re at in your calendar (or in the world), we are all only a few months from being launched into the holiday haze. That means seasonal decorations, holiday activities and markets, and all sorts of other festive things. It’s the perfect time to get out there and enjoy it!

Whatever your plans are, we want to help you prepare to make the most of your next vacation.

Looking for an end-of-year getaway? You still have time!
Preparar tus próximas vacaciones

If you are looking for a more immediate exchange (or enjoy the chance to go on a spontaneous adventure), make sure to mark you’re available using the Last Minute option. Click over to our Help section for detailed instructions on how to show that you’re interested in last-minute travel. And, if you’re looking to be proactive, you can search among the Members who have also noted that they are interested in Last Minute exchanges.

Use our collections to help you find your next Exchange!

If you know where you want to go, you can start your planning by taking the time to search on our website. But, if you are still looking for inspiration, you may want to tour our collections. Do you like to go hiking? Are you a golf lover? Do you want to travel with children? Have a pet you want to bring along? With our many collections, you are sure to find an exchange that is ideal for you. For added opportunities, make a point to explore listings marked as Second Homes! Many times, second homes have more flexibility with dates and can help you arrange an exchange with less planning time.

Looking for a flight? Be flexible with dates!
Vuelos Puente de Diciembre 2017

If you need to take a flight for your exchange (and have some flexibility of date), you can save a few dollars by flying a few days before or after the beginning or end of peak season. Prices can go down a lot when changing dates and, when finalizing your exchange, the dates of your stay can be adjusted with your exchange partner. Save for your flight and give yourself the opportunity to stay a few more days at your exchange!

Search outside the traditional tourist areas

During high-traffic time many destinations or cities can be overwhelmed by crowds. By expanding your search area to nearby towns, or in less-busy neighborhoods, it will be easier to get around and still provide local flavor. When you find an exchange in these areas, you still visit the major attractions while also enjoying tranquility and connecting with the local community. Go on, live like a neighbor!

Want to know the best things to do during your Exchange?

One of the best ways to discover what do is to ask your Exchange Partner! They can give you inside information on what happens in the area during your time you will be there. Getting this perspective on the top places to see, restaurants to try, and activities to do around your exchange will help you enjoy your time as if you were a local. They can be your best tour guide, and you can be theirs!

Travel light

With all those added baggage fees, traveling light is always a perk, especially if you’re going on a short break. Using HomeExchange can help! Whether your traveling by plane, train or car, there are many items like umbrellas, extra layers, baby items, toys, hair dryers, and more that your Exchange Partner might have to share! When each of you leaves items to share, it means less weight and more flexibility for your adventure. And, after all, it’s all about sharing!

Use your Balloon!

Do you have a Balloon that you want to use? This might be the time to make it happen! Read through our guide on how to make your Balloon exchanges less complicated and then get ready to search! And, if you know you’re not going to be around for the end-of-year holidays, make sure to put it out there that you’d be willing to earn a Balloon while you’re away. That way you have more Balloons to use for a future exchange!

Connect with the HomeExchange community with our Facebook Groups

With our Facebook groups, you can to meet more like-minded travelers both at your exchange destination or in your area! Get together and have a coffee or participate in some local celebration. You can also find inspiration for your future getaways, get to know the best places in the area, or get more advice from the local HomeExchanger community. And remember to share a photograph or two of your adventures there. We all love hearing from you!

Let HomeExchange surprise you!
Destinos Puente de Diciembre 2017

When you use the Reverse Search tool, you can explore homes of potential Exchange Partners who want to visit your area. You can also filter these results by the dates you want to travel for added refinement. You might be surprised by the locations that have people wanting to visit, and they would be thrilled to hear from you!

Are you ready to give your next vacation a boost? Get started planning now!



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