Spontaneity + HomeExchange = Perfect Vacations!

Last-minute vacations sound scary, but they don’t have to be! HomeExchange can help quickly convert spontaneous ideas into exciting getaways.


We checked HomeExchange’s “last-minute exchange” box and it worked! We received two exchange requests from Paris, including one for only three days later, which we declined. We’re always looking for weekends in Paris though because grandma lives there. And the apartment we chose in Paris was located right on the bus route that passes by her home — very convenient for us and impossible to refuse! We had to move fast to prepare our home and the children were very helpful. We stayed up late for two nights in order to organize everything! The only sour note was that our garden went “untamed,” since we had no time to mow it. Despite this, the Parisians were delighted by it. They ate outside and even had some barbecues! Meanwhile, we spent a longer weekend than usual with grandma! When we returned home, our house was impeccable.

Isabelle, France


Five years ago, my husband and I were visiting Auckland, New Zealand, and had lunch with a friend. She asked if we were planning on seeing the Coromandel Peninsula. I said ‘no’ and she insisted it was a must-see. When I looked on HomeExchange.com and found listings for the area, I messaged each one saying it was “the most last-minute home exchange request” they’d probably ever receive, explaining that we were heading there that afternoon. Two hours later, we heard from a couple who actually ran a B&B and said we were welcome to stay with them as exchange guests. They took us to the local karaoke night at a golf club, showed us the thermal beach and even let us stay an extra few nights when the car we borrowed had some mechanical difficulties. We felt so grateful and lucky that the HomeExchange community opens its doors and treats strangers like family.

Elyse, USA


Last year, we decided to visit a new country: the Czech Republic During our flight there, a kind family accepted our exchange request and left us their home in Prague during the days we requested. Isn’t that amazing? I would recommend HomeExchange to anyone who loves traveling. I’ve already done it and have some friends and acquaintances who have registered based on my recommendation. I am an enthusiastic person who spreads the word about what has been a revolution for us (exchanging). As long as we live, we will continue to do home exchanges. Of that you can be sure.

Alicia, Italy


I am a mother with two kids. But I had read that traveling alone empowers and strengthens you as a person. The idea was very tempting. I wanted to go to Split, Croatia, so just out of curiosity I checked HomeExchange to see if there was anything interesting, thinking it would never work out. How wrong I was! In a couple of hours, I was offered two different accommodation options from one person. I was shocked how quickly everything was working out and how kind and helpful my new friend was. The same day, I had made all the arrangements for my first one-week vacation, alone! When I arrived in Split, I was picked up at the airport, supplied with a car and — what I really hadn’t expected — was treated as a family member during the whole stay.

Darina, Finland


It was Christmas Day back in 2012. My fiancé and I thought it would be cool to go somewhere else to welcome the New Year, all without spending a lot of money. Hotels and flights were booked up and incredibly expensive! So, instead, we discussed arranging a last-minute HomeExchange getaway in a destination to which we could drive by car only three hours from home. There had to be someone who wanted to spend the New Year in Barcelona, right? We sent about 10 last-minute inquiries to members in the South of France, and the following day we got a positive reply from a family in Avignon. Bingo! Since their kids were on school vacation it was easy to match dates, even with so little time. Five days later, we received the Moussiere family at our home and then drove to their spectacular penthouse right in the center of Old Avignon. Perfect New Year’s plan!

Roser, Spain



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  1. My husband and I are visiting New York in October and are wanting to do a home exchange. Our beach house in Qld Australia is our second home and available for a non-simultaneous swap. We are open to any area within easy access to Manhatten but preferably on Manhatten or in Brooklyn. We also have a beautiful apartment on the harbour in Sydney which we would include in an exchange.

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