Some Tips & Tricks from Happiness Support

Every day our Happiness Support team has the chance to interact with you and other members. Through these conversations, they have learned a thing or two that can help make your HomeExchange experience more enjoyable. Here are their inside tips on making the most of HomeExchange.

Sérgio suggests:
Make sure you update your Listing on a regular basis! This will ensure that your information is always current and not showing that you wished to go to Paris in 2014! Also, your “Preferred Exchanges” are a key part of finding your Exchanges. By making sure they are filled in, it will allow for a faster matching Exchange partner!

The most important secret in HomeExchanging? Be Proactive! If you know when and where you want to go – don’t be shy! Take the first step and reach out to the Members from those areas. You will be surprised at how simple it is!

And of course, we will be here for you, any time you need us!

Tamara reminds you:
When you come to Live Chat, please be sure to press Enter (or Return if you are a Mac user) once you are done typing to send us your message – we are happy to help, but we need to actually see your message.

John hopes you:
Remember that the more messages you send out, the better chance there is to find an exchange.

Borna says:
If you are visiting our website using a phone and you don’t see a feature or option you usually do… rotate your phone sideways. 🙂

Alice says you should:
Register your exchange officially on the website! Like this, no quid pro quo between you and your exchange partner! Everything will be registered, and you’ll receive confirmation emails to avoid misunderstandings 🙂

Don’t forget to talk to your exchange partner about the essential things to know about your home before the exchange. Things like: where to find the keys, what to do the day of departure, where to find items to clean the house, etc.

Yvette says:
To make sure you don’t miss any inquiry notifications, set up “HomeExchange” as a safe or trusted sender! That way our messages won’t end up in your spam folder!

Nina wants you to:
Clever ways to use the search tool:

  • Can’t find what you are looking for in the destination of your choice? Zoom out of the map and see the homes in the close surrounding area
  • Have firmly set travel dates and you can’t find what you want? Focus on second homes. They tend to be available.
  • Flexible in travel period and/or destination? Look for retirees and remote workers who are open to exciting offers
  • Want a kindred spirit for your exchange so you’d feel more comfortable? Look for other families with kids, pet owners, single travelers, experienced exchangers, and various other options!

Christelle asks that you:
Please make sure your register your exchanges through the site messaging system and to complete the “Exchange Terms” doc that offers the basic exchange agreement.
For Balloons: the transfer won’t be completed if the exchange is not registered.

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding an exchange and, if you have a Balloon, please don’t forget to ask to be hosted and explain to members you are sending inquiries to that they will earn a Balloon if they host you with no reciprocity.

Think your Response Rate is not correct? Please check your “Received Inquiries” within the site messaging as you will probably find that there are inquiries you have not replied to already.

Natali reminds you that:
Should you have any doubts about a future exchange or comment or suggestions after an exchange concluded, please contact us by email, by phone or live chat. I enjoy talking with you. Through your trust and enthusiasm, we hope that HomeExchange brings something special into your life

Aurélie says:

  • Don’t forget to sign the guestbook to your exchange partner; it’s very important for you both! It’s an excellent way for other members to see how reliable you are!
  • Send personalized requests using names or specifics about the member or their home. It shows you care!
  • Reply to each inquiry even if they aren’t of interest to you.
  • Also, be prompt when responding to an inquiry and to communicate with your exchange partner.

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