Reasons to Review New Listings Today

New members are always joining HomeExchange. Bring with them an exciting new assortment of homes. Here are some reasons why you should bookmark and review our New Listings Collection today.

Every day, brand new HomeExchange members add their homes to the 65,000+ listings across more than 150 countries. These new homes can be easily found in the New Listings Collection, which is automatically updated to include all listings that have been added in the last 30 days. That number regularly exceeds 2,000 listings from all over the world!

Here’s why you should check take a look:

You Get First Dibs


Who doesn’t like to be first? With the New Listings Collection, you might be among the first to consider homes newly available for exchange. If you find the perfect place – that luxury beachfront home in Brazil or ski-in chalet in Switzerland – your inquiry might be the first received by the new member, which means you become a front-runner in getting your choice of dates.

They’re Easy to Find


At HomeExchange, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to travel anywhere and stay for free. That’s why we’ve assembled a series of collections that group homes around specific themes. They bypass the need for special filtered searches. To find new listings, simply click on the New Listings Collection. Within this collection, you can still search for a particular location, sort by the number of bedrooms, or show the listings interested in exchanging with someone in your location, just like you can with a general search.

You Have a High Likelihood of Success


New members are eager for inquiries and tend to respond quickly. They’ve just taken the leap to join our community and cannot wait to see who is interested in their home. During their first month, they are more likely to regularly check their inbox for inquiries and are usually more flexible with dates so that they can experience the benefits of home exchange.

You’re Contributing to the Community


We were all new once. If you have experienced a few exchanges, give back to the community by sharing your wisdom. New members can be nervous about getting started, so offering tips, suggestions and reassurance can help them address their concerns and get started. Guide them through the HomeExchange process and advise what questions they should be asking when they send an inquiry. It’s just one of the ways that our community supports itself!

They’re Only on the List for a Limited Time


The New Listings Collection is automatically updated to only include listings less than 30 days old. Every day there are newcomers, just as there are members who graduate from it. There’s only a limited time to find and reach out to these members before they are eased into the general pool, so act quickly to connect with them.

The List Is Constantly Changing

As mentioned above, the New Listings Collection is constantly changing. Didn’t find what you were looking for today? Check back tomorrow. Chances are that there will be tens, if not hundreds, of new homes that may be exactly what you want.

Check Out These New Listings

Here are a few new listings from the collection.

Dallas, TX, USA Lenox, MA, USA West Kelowna, BC, Canada

Do you have questions about the New Listings Collection? Ask them in the comments or contact our Global Support Team. We’re happy to help!

4 Comments on “Reasons to Review New Listings Today

  1. Hi
    I have made several great exchanges with my family during that last 5-6 years. Now you have opened up for exchanges with ballones. How is this getting along – anyone who would like to share their experiences with that?
    Best regards Helle Nyrup, Denmark

    • Hello – We have been travelling with HomeExchange for a long time, and while we have always been completely satisfied, the Balloon program does seem to open up a lot of opportunities. We recently received an exchange request from a lady in the UK, but as we have friends and family there already, we were not interested in an exchange. However, she offered us a balloon, which we accepted. She spent several weeks with us, and we are hoping to use our Balloon to go to places where people arfe not necessarily interested in coming to Canada, where we are. Great idea – hope it works in OUR direction also.

  2. Balloons have been widely used by myself. It works out, as much to receive as to give out for an exchange. It is really like a world currency which can be kept up on your account and used when you like! It is an amazing tool for exchanging much like are points earned and paid in other exchange platforms, only simpler and esasier to handle than those. If anyone doubts it, just ask me for staying at my home and paying with balloons. If my flat is available, a positive answer is to be expected!

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