Use Our Map to Save Time… and Become a Great Explorer

Did you know you can use our map to search for your next home exchange?

Click on the blue circles to zoom in and see where and how many of your fellow home exchangers have Listings. You can identify exactly where Listings are located and even preview them without clicking away from the map. Of course you can also go directly to a Listing page if you like what you see.


Here’s how to go about it:

  • map-new-zealandThe blue circles on the map are associated with the areas you are thinking of visiting. They show the numbers of Listings in a selected area.
  • Choose the region you wish to visit. Zoom in on that region by clicking on it. Each click zooms in closer.
  • The more you zoom in (also possible using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ tools on the right side of the map), the more specific the information gets about the number and locations of Listings.


  • The circles will eventually become blue location markers, which you can then select to preview a Listing and/or click on to go directly a Listing’s page.
  • You can click and hold directly on the map at any time to slide the map around beyond the area you’re seeing and explore what neighboring locations also have Listings.



The power of the HomeExchange map: less time searching, more time exchanging!


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