Safety First: Exchange with Confidence!

Love the idea of home exchanging but haven’t become a HomeExchange Member because of a concern for safety?

We get it. HomeExchange asks you to trust our Members to take care of your home. We know that asking you to trust is simply not enough to ensure you have a memorable and safe exchange experience. We take this very seriously; after all, our community is built on trust. If we lose that, we have nothing.

Here are a few things to consider.

#1 The Members

When considering an exchange, both Members are entrusting their homes to one another so both sides need to feel confident. To ensure the best possible exchange experiences, we encourage all Members to base their exchange decision on quality communication.

Additionally, every Member contributes to a safer environment by making use of various tools that help organize over 130,000 successful exchanges each year.

#2 Tools and Tech

As safety is our priority, we’ve built the following tools to make the process easy and transparent:

  • Detailed Member Profiles – connect a home with a face.
  • Verified information – phone numbers and social media accounts can be confirmed to make sure members are real people
  • Guestbook Reviews – highlight previous experiences from exchange partners.
  • Secure Messaging – contact other Members without revealing any of your personal information. You stay fully in control of your contact and home details.
  • Exchange Agreement – having a clear agreement reduces uncertainty. Remember: you can politely decline any exchange offer prior to committing to an exchange and officially registering it.

Marina Pili, Global Support

#3 The Team

We pride ourselves on the standard of customer care provided by our Global Support Team. 22 highly trained experts are ready to assist via Live Chat and email 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our telephone service is also available in English seven days a week.

Additionally, we count on a dedicated team of Regional Representatives throughout the world who are able to offer assistance in 16 languages and have a wealth of local knowledge.

#4 You!

Yes, we are asking you to trust, but in no way blindly. You are in control. If at any point you don’t feel right about a potential exchange politely decline.

Take the time to get to know your potential exchange partner. Build trust through a period of messaging, email exchanges and telephone/Skype communication.

Here are some common sense tips when doing your research.

  • Always explain any special needs you might have such as allergies or physical limitations.
  • Look at feedback from other Members – this is not something Members can edit on their own profiles.
  • Ask for references from other Members who have exchanged with this Member.
  • Research the location/neighbourhood of the home.
  • Look for homes and Members whose lifestyle is similar: families with small children have different needs than people with no children for example.
  • Ask for extra photographs of the property
  • Finally, if at any time during the communication process you feel uneasy with any aspect of the exchange, politely explain that you no longer wish to go ahead with planning the exchange.

The rule of thumb is: when your communication with your Exchange Partner feels as if you are talking to an old friend, you can confirm the exchange by completing the registration process.

Discover testimonials from our members to find out what they think about the topic of trust.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and join today?

5 Comments on “Safety First: Exchange with Confidence!

  1. Hello. I am interested in the concept. But unless a person who has a home where I want to go (NYC) thinks my exchange (vacation home near beach in Corolla, NC (Outer Banks)) meets their needs, it would be money wasted for me to join. Is there a way to see if an exchange regarding these destinations is possible? Thank you.

  2. Looking for Island or Carribian home to trade for one of my Vero Beach, FL homes.

    • Hi Earl,
      Please feel free to provide your listing ID or link to HomeExchange profile/listing, if you wish to be contacted by other HomeExchange members.

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