New Year’s Resolution #1: Arrange a Home Exchange in January

Do your New Year’s resolutions include traveling more, making new friends and saving money? Check them all off in January by setting up a home exchange!

While HomeExchange’s vast network of homes in 150 countries makes it easy to “live like a local” all throughout the year, our data shows that January is the best time to organize an exchange. It’s when our most experienced members do it, taking extra advantage of new members’ listings, which translates to a larger and fresher selection of homes from which to plan your ideal vacation.

So grab your friends or family and peruse for the perfect mountain chalet, beachside villa or downtown urban condo in your next destination. January really is the best time to pick from the best of the best, places that typically book up quickly.

As if rich pickings aren’t enough, we’re also offering our 14-day free trial. This limited time offer lets you experience our intrepid community of travelers who travel anywhere and stay for free in over 65,000 homes. For 25 years, HomeExchange has helped to coordinate over 1 million successful swaps – and we make the process easy.

Simply search by location on the, then browse through thousands of homes, apartments, condos and even boats. Send inquiries to your favorite listings and share them with everyone in your travel group. Soon you’ll see replies popping up in your inbox! You can choose to swap the entire home or request hospitality, in which you stay with the owners while they’re there and often end up sharing meals and experiences together. Our friendly community is happy to offer suggestions to simplify the process from planning to completion.

Remember: many of our most experienced HomeExchange users plan their exchanges in January. They know that the earlier you start sending inquiries, the more flexibility and variety you have with dates and locations. Early planning also lets you lock in cheaper airfare and heavily discounted activities. And gives you the chance to double check that New Year’s resolution to save money in 2017!

Now’s the time to plan ahead, book a home exchange and have something to look forward to the rest of the year! Mark your calendar now and enjoy daydreaming about the wonderful place you’ve secured.

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