Member’s Summer Memories

Whatever the season, one of the best parts about home exchange is the memories that you return home with. We asked some of our Facebook Groups to share their summer adventures. Here are a few of the photos and highlights.

Waikiki Adventures

“We stayed three nights in a great location near Waikiki and transportation. Everything was new and clean and (our Exchange Partner) was so helpful with our questions and suggestions… We had a great trip!” Bobbi and Bodie, San Luis Obispo, California

Family Time in Spain

“My family bonds every summer for an extended amount of time. Last year, my elderly parents were able to join us in Bilbao for two weeks, it offered singular memories for us all. Leading to moments like this.

Ooh, upon reflection, the time we went through security in Barcelona with a life-sized candle in the shape of a skull in my husband’s bag was fun, too.” Elizabeth, New York, New York

Summer Globetrotters

“Writing from our exchange in Thailand… we LOVE HomeExchange!!! It’s been 10 summers now. London, Hawaii, Girona/Barcelona, Amsterdam, Tuscany, Thailand and more!” Tracy, Manhattan Beach, California

An Irish Summer

“Ireland home exchange on the Dingle Peninsula!” Laurie, Chatham, Massachusetts

Fiestas in Spain

“Last summer’s HomeExchange in Barcelona was great! Here is my daughter in the Parc Güell. We enjoyed the ‘fiestas’ in the Gracia neighborhood at night and a mix of culture and beach during the day.” Marti, Venice, Italy

Cool times in Iceland

Iceland summer HomeExchange. This photo was taken after a 3.5 kilometer hike up a mountain. The hot springs feed this creek and the temperature was around 101-105F, I’m guessing. It was only around 48-50F outside but in the water it felt amazing. My husband, daughters, and I spent quite a long time in this creek building dams to create deeper pools.

My hardcore five-year-old climbing up a waterfall…” Della, Ventura, California

Now we look to you, what summer memories have you brought back with you after a HomeExchange? Share them in the comments below!

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