It All Begins With a Search

Clicking “Search Homes” on is only the first step. Whether you are looking for a specific destination or wanting to explore, the search page is your new favorite travel companion. Sure, there are the standard options to consider, like where you want to go and number of bedrooms you need. But click on “More Filters” and a whole world of possibilities becomes available. From contemporary to cozy, take some time to refine your search so you discover exactly what you want to experience.

So, how do you make “Search” work for you?

Here are our top search features that can make narrowing down your options fun and easy.


Home Type: Select from a variety of residences from apartments and lofts to cottages, houses and chalets, as well as some more unique options like boat homes, mobile homes or even tree houses.

Exchange Type: Pick from simultaneous (classic home exchanging), non-simultaneous, hospitality, or Passport exchange. Get away with a “weekend” or “last minute” exchange or explore the possibility of an extended trip with a “long-term exchange”. Some members exchange for years at a time! You can even select “Second Home” for a little more flexibility.

Neighbours: Channel your best city vibe with “urban”, take a “suburban” break or have a quieter adventure in the country with “rural.”

Amenities: From “indoor fireplaces” to “gourmet kitchens”, “wireless internet” to “pools” and “saunas” – whatever you need to make your vacation a great one, you’ll find here. The “amenities” filter is also where you find “wheelchair accessible” homes to make sure that everyone is able to join in on the trip.

Surrounding: You may love the “beach” or maybe “mountains” are more your thing. This filter will help you pinpoint your ideal environment.


Activities: Refine results to include everything from “biking” to “surfing”, “farmer’s markets” to “restaurants”, and from “nightlife & clubbing” to “theater”. Whatever your passion, or soon-to-be passion, there’s a HomeExchange for that.

Exchange Partner: Select the maximum number of people you would ideally like to exchange with, simply choose between 1 and 8+ depending on your accommodation needs. Experienced Exchanger notes members who have exchanged before are often happy to show you some tricks of the trade, especially when organizing your first exchange. Refine your search further by choosing from Languages and Badges.

Tags: This broad-ranging filter lets you search options like “disabled travelers”, “allergy-free home”, “gay friendly”, “professionals”, “seniors” and much more. With each click, your search results will begin to feel even more like a home-away-from-home.

Vacation Type: Jump start your planning with a curated list of options. “Romantic,” “Family Fun,” “Gourmet Paradises,” and “Mountains & Snow” are just a few of the exciting options to choose from.

Bonus Feature: Save Search

Once you’ve tailored your filters to perfection, it would be a shame to lose all that hard work. Click the “Save Search” button to the right of the screen and, like magic, your search has been saved. Not only that, it will continue to automatically update. That means as new listings that meet your criteria become available, you will automatically be notified via email. It’s a good idea to review your “Email Notification” settings to ensure you will receive notifications.

To view your saved searches, simply select “Dashboard” from the toolbar then select “Saved Searches” from the top navigation.

However you search, remember that the more detail you include, the more likely you are to find a location that matches you and your ideal travel preferences. Go ahead, explore, play around, click “Off the Beaten Track” under “Vacation Types” and see what shows up. You never know what you’ll discover! So, what filters will you set?


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