How to Use Home Exchange for Last-Minute Travel

Did you know that right now, there are hundreds and hundreds of last minute exchanges on

That means a lot of opportunities for a spur-of-the-moment getaway, a trip to visit family, or a place to stay near a special event.

Not every exchange needs to be planned a year in advance! Here’s how to find a great last minute exchange:


1. Log on to and go to Search Homes


2. Enter your destination just as you would when searching for any exchange
3. Select “More Filters


4. Under “Exchange Type” check off the box for “Last Minute


Find your your next trip!



Have questions about how to find a Last Minute exchange? Contact our customer service team or ask in the comments!

2 Comments on “How to Use Home Exchange for Last-Minute Travel

  1. When I login, Advanced search does not appear in the upper right corner.
    How then do I get to “last minute”deals?

    • Hi John,
      When you go to the Search page, please click on “more Filters” and then select “last minute” under Exchange Type”. It is not on the upper right corner; it should be displayed on the same page, with all the filters. Just look for one that says “Exchange type”. If you still have problems selecting a last minute, please contact our Live Chat team or let us know which destination you want to check a Last Minute exchange for (I could send a direct link). Thanks!

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