In HomeExchange, Size and Location Don’t Matter

By Victoria Ortiz

In the world of HomeExchange, how big your home is and where it is really don’t matter. There’s been a two-bedroom condo in Los Angeles, California, exchanged for a five-bedroom lakeside home in Wanaka, New Zealand, and both parties felt like they got an amazing deal. That’s because both homes were proud and beloved showcases for the families that live in them.

Travel is not black and white. People are inspired to travel for a multitude of reasons, so it makes sense that they would seek different styles and locations of accommodation.

Perhaps they’re looking for a remote mountain retreat away from the rush of urban life. Maybe they’re going to a conference in an unexpected destination and want to enjoy the comforts of home instead of a hotel room. It could simply be that they want to be near friends or family. For anyone who likes a touch of adventure, there are even boats and RVs available in our 65,000 (and growing) listings that include every shade of gray.

“When I signed up, my first concern was whether anyone would be interested in my home,” reported Sergio, a HomeExchange member in Spain. “So when I received my first exchange requests, I was struck by how people with much better houses than mine were willing to exchange.”

It also comes as a surprise to many HomeExchangers that some of our most popular listings are in residential areas or on the outskirts of major cities. Safety and access to high-profile attractions play a big role in decisions to inquire about exchanges in these locations. Take, for instance, Disneyland, which is actually in Anaheim, about an hour from downtown Los Angeles. A family with small children may prefer to stay closer to the park so that they don’t have to deal with traffic or synchronize it with nap schedules.

So when listing a home on HomeExchange, it is important to highlight the positives. Describe why you love your home and what makes it special. Even if you rarely use the Jacuzzi, it could be a huge selling point for a potential exchange. Then share your favorite local amenities, including activities and restaurants. Are there events in the surrounding area that are easily accessible through public transit? These kinds of personal touches on your profile make your home and community come to life for someone considering an exchange.

No matter how big or small your place, or where it is, there’s someone for whom it could be perfect. So do not let concerns about the size and location of your home inhibit you from sending an inquiry. It may be just what the recipient didn’t realize he or she was looking for!

3 Comments on “In HomeExchange, Size and Location Don’t Matter

  1. “That’s because both homes were proud and beloved showcases for the families that live in them.” You’re absolutely correct. It’s the spirit of hospitality that makes HomeExchange so special. Sharing favorite places nearby, allowing others to enjoy your place of comfort… these make it wonderful to be part of “the sharing economy.”

  2. Looking to exchange bayside apartment in Melbourne Australia.
    Melbourne is a city of 4 million plus and is regularly voted the
    ‘Most Liveable city in the world”
    The city itself is compact and has everything you could want much the same as New York, Paris, London,Shanghai,
    Our apartment is regarded at the best apartment block in Bayside Melbourne.
    We have a 24 hour concierge which is VERY useful for knowledge of the city
    Under certain conditions you will have use of my Signature family runabout, my 250C Mercedes, bicycle, and of course the tennis court, gym pool and sauna in the apartment block.

    I am looking to exchange a house with two or three bedrooms,2 bathrooms/toilets,car parking space.
    Location is flexible although we prefer South Western France near the Spanish border/Pyrenees(for 3 months if possible) and 3 months in South Eastern France.
    near the Italian border

    In summer it is the live centre of Melbourne where people from all walks of life come for the beach the sun, the restaurants, definitely the most exciting precinct in Melbourne in the summer.
    Trams will take you to the city in 15 minutes. This is the BEST part of Melbourne.

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