Have Balloon, will travel!

Searching for an Exchange using a Balloon just got a whole lot less complicated.

Since we introduced the program of Balloon exchanges, we have been receiving messages from members asking for a better way to not only earn a Balloon but also find a place to use them. As the program has grown, we have observed how Balloons were used but also how members searched for them. That is why we are pleased to announce the launch of the search filter specifically for Balloon Exchanges.

Set Your Preference

Before you begin your search, click over to your Dashboard and look at the “HomeExchange Balloons” box that is at the top of the screen. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a graphic that shows you how many Balloons you currently have available to use and also how many you have redeemed.

On the left, you’ll notice a little toggle button has been added. This is where you can switch your settings between wanting to Earn a Balloon or Spend a Balloon. Simply flip the switch and your home will be tagged to show up in the respective search results. As your preference changes, come back here to click the adjust your settings.

Search Ready

Once you have your preference set, it is time to search. Type in a location you’d like to visit. Perhaps you’re looking for a place to spend the end of year holidays, or you might be on the hunt for a weekend away. Whatever your destination, type it in the Search box in the Navigation bar at the top of your screen and search.

Once the results come up, you scroll down and select “More Filters.” This will open up a whole collection of other search parameters you can use to refine your results. In the second row of filters, you will see that on the right-hand side there is now a box that says “Balloon Exchange.” By using this filter, you can switch between seeing “Members looking for a Balloon” and “Members looking to spend a Balloon.” Make your selection to automatically update your search results. Remember to click “Save Search” to easily reference updated results matching your search criteria in the future.

We hope this update makes finding your next Balloon Exchange a much easier process, but we’d love your feedback as well. Feel free to reach out 24/7 to our Happiness Support Team or comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!



12 Comments on “Have Balloon, will travel!

  1. There is still no way to list dates for which a home is available for balloon stay? Obviously this needs to be without the “destination” box filled in since it doesn’t matter where the swapper comes from. I’ve tried to save dates without a destination after turning on the “want to earn” button, but it doesn’t seem to work. Not sure how this is going to help people find my home for the dates I have available to host.

    • Dawn, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t a calendar option for Balloon Exchange availability. One potential workaround would be to include mention of your availability in your profile. We are still working to improve the system and will pass your suggestion on to the development team.

  2. Only just earn a balloon but would love to let a non balloon exchanger use my unit in July and I earn a balloon as I am not going to there Home

    • Hello and thank you for the comment. Just a little clarity, the way to earn a Balloon by having someone stay at your place is if they have a Balloon to give you. If they don’t have a Balloon, then it would only be classified as a hospitality exchange and you wouldn’t earn a Balloon. Let us know if you need any assistance.

  3. We have hosted a young couple from Bali using the balloon system. It was a wonderful experience having them stay and we have become firm friends staying in contact via emails.
    I would recommend this system to everyone as it’s a wonderful way to meet people and learn about different countries while showing them the best of your own town/country. It is very convenient if you are not able to do simultaneous exchanges.

  4. What happened to exchange for exchange ?

    Whats the purpose of a “Balloon” ? Why necessary ?

    Why different from Exchanges? Membership cost less?

    I am totally confused

    Does anyone read these comments?

    • I’m not admin here but I think exchange for exchange is still the main thing for homeexchange. The membership costs the same.
      Here’s our story: My husband and I have done many simultaneous and non-simultaneous exchanges. Last year we renewed our membership, and we received a balloon because of it (my understanding is that basically it’s a free stay somewhere). Also last year, someone contacted us for an exchange. We didn’t want to go to her city, but we happened to be away during the time she wanted to visit ours. We exchanged her stay at our place with a balloon (she had one balloon to spend). Now we have two balloons.
      This year we are going to East Europe. We contacted many families and found no one planning to visit Canada during those days. And we were very happy that we had two balloons to spend – in Croatia and Slovenia!

    • So I have spent the weekend reading up on it and it is a cool program. Find the FAQ balloon program section and read all about it. It basically created currency (a balloon) that you can spend. It eliminates the need for 2 home owners to want to go to each others house. It seems to make exchanging MUCH easier.

    • Hey Joseph, thank you for taking the time to ask your questions. We do read the comments and try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Probably the best way to answer is to share with you another blog article that we have written. Your Guide to Blog Exchanges Take a look at at that and let us know if you still have questions. You can also reach us 24/7 through our Happiness Support Team.

  5. Please include me on the answer to Joseph Flack’s excellent questions! A year or 2 ago it was “passports”, now “balloons.

    What is the reason for “balloons”? We have had 10 visitors at our 2nd home and have visited 8 of those folk’s homes and all but 1 has gone well. Why the change? I am also confused and frustrated!

  6. All members can still do “exchange for exchange” reciprocal home exchanges, just as you wish. And you don’t have to use balloons at all if you don’t want to, of course. Balloons don’t suit every member, and they are optional, not compulsory!
    We usually agree reciprocal exchanges, but every now and again a balloon comes in handy. We think the good thing about balloons is that they offer an extra possibility.
    For us, it has allowed us to accept and receive a member offering a balloon at a time which suits us both, while we might be doing something elsewhere. For example, we might be visiting a relative for a weekend.
    And it has allowed us to travel to another member’s home at a time which suits them, when they might be going elsewhere. You can even do a 3-way swap with balloons!
    So we think it just offers a little more flexibility and additional possibilities. We like the balloon idea, sometimes, not for every exchange.

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