Find your home’s best angle

The right pictures of your home can transform a “maybe…” into an “Oh, my gosh! We can’t wait!”

You know it when you see it, the pictures can tell you everything you need to know. For better or worse, the images you use to showcase your home can be the difference between someone reaching out and someone opting to contact another person for an exchange. We pulled together a few tips and tricks to help you show your home in the best way possible.

Think before you click

Before you even think about taking photos, take a few moments to plan out what you might like to feature. Consider what it is that you most like to see when searching for a potential exchange. The top “must have” images: bedrooms, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. If you have laundry, are offering the use of your car, or have other unique features, make sure to include them as well. That spectacular view? A gorgeous garden? An impressive record or book collection? Those photos all help shape your profile. You might also want to share some images of local attractions, just make sure they don’t overwhelm the number of photos of your home.

The art of arranging

Once you have a game plan in place, do a little sprucing up. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but little touches can go a long way. Picking up clothes, putting the toilet seat down, and clearing the counters of clutter are quick ways to transform your photos. It’s all about setting the stage. Use your time to craft the image of what your potential Exchange Partner will have the opportunity to enjoy when after they send you a request! Don’t go overboard and make it “too ideal,” but preparation will go a long way.

See the light

When it comes to photography, lighting is always a priority. Make use of natural light as much as possible or make use of lamps for an added glow. Your camera (or phone) flash will tend to wash things out or create added shadows, so use it sparingly. Once you have taken your photos, don’t be afraid to edit the images slightly. You might want to lighten them up if they are dark, or even crop out something unwanted. Some slight adjusting can take your photos from simply alright to a total wow!

Put your best face forward

After you have your pictures finished and they are ready to upload, you might want to consider what the order in which place them. The first image will be the primary image that potential Exchange Partners will see when searching for an exchange. Make it something engaging, welcoming, and specific to your home. We also recommend batching the photos so that the images directly related to your home are towards the beginning of the gallery while those showcasing your area are at the end. This way, Exchange Partners can see your house first and then get a sense of your region.

The right direction

Have you ever come across a home where the picture was taken vertically but got posted horizontally? It happens, and is more than just a head-turner. That’s why you can rotate and crop your photos directly on HomeExchange. Once you upload your images, you can hover over the photo and edit the direction of it right there! No need to have any extra editing software, it’s all built right in.

Remember, there’s no need to be a professional photographer to have a fantastic profile. Now we turn the camera over to you, what are some of your tips that make for great photos? Share your suggestions in the comments below!



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