Don’t wait! Plan your family adventure now.

While January welcomes a new year, it also offers us a chance to set the stage for the rest of the year. For those with kids, a school schedule might already in place, but don’t allow that to limit your adventures. Here are a few ways to get ahead of the game and make 2018 a year of exploring and experiences.

Make the most of long weekends

For some, a home swap is about taking an extended trip, but did you know that 46% of all exchanges are less than a week long? If you are short on time and only have a weekend to get away, you should make the most of our search filters. Select “Last Minute” or “Weekend Exchange” from the Exchange Type filters and explore the options. You might consider looking for a location that is within driving distance from your house that you have never had a chance to explore. Make arrangements and meet up with your Exchange Partner along the way. While it might not seem like much, even a short distance will help your family recharge.

Leverage your schedule

If you happen to be among those whose school calendar that isn’t quite the norm, make the most of those “odd” days by planning a trip. Perhaps there is a work day for teachers that is paired up with a national holiday. While everyone else is waiting for an extended break, you can take advantage of the time and discover a new destination.

Exchange with other families!

One of the best ways to ensure a memorable exchange is to search through our Family Collection. When you exchange with members who have children about the same age as yours you can get an “insider” perspective on the things that kids will enjoy. Is there a great park nearby? Discounted rates at activities? $1.00 Ice Cream… yes, please! Their knowledge and age-appropriate home almost guarantees that your trip will be even more enjoyable for everyone involved. Involving your kids in the exchange process can heighten the anticipation of the trip and help ease the discomfort of “strangers” playing with their toys. . Many members work with their kids to make a welcome sign or gift for their new friends who they haven’t yet met.

Get there before the summer rush

Imagine how you’ll feel knowing your vacation is already on the calendar? While everyone else is struggling with expensive flights and trying to find a room to cram their entire family into, you’ll be resting easy know you have a home to enjoy. If you missed it, we recently explained why January is one of the prime times to look for an Exchange, so don’t wait!

Stop dreaming about your next vacation and start looking forward to your next Exchange! Let us know where you’re going this year in the comment below.

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