A Reply is Kind

The polite “no thanks, not now” goes a long way. Replying quickly to your home exchange inquiries is more than just a common courtesy, it’s a doorway to more opportunities.

In a world of bulk email and spam, we forget that each inquiry from the home exchange network is a fellow home exchanger excited to explore the world.

Your prompt reply to an inquiry lets fellow Members know you heard them, and establishes a meaningful connection that could some day develop into a journey or a new friendship. A quick reply is an acknowledgement that you value the non-traditional travel and personal connections that come with home exchanging.

Some more experienced exchangers, especially those in frequently requested areas, have created standard replies. Once constructed, your personal reply can be easily cut and pasted.

What your reply might say…

Thank them for their interest in your home. Gratitude is always a welcomed reply.

Personal Advice
What would you tell a visitor to your town or city? Are there attractions or experiences you wouldn’t want them to miss? A restaurant recommendation you would be sure to add?

Social Invitation
Take a tip from Dawn Pauinski “I’ve started offering tours around my neighborhood to folks whose home exchange offers I can’t accept.” Dawn discovers new places to visit, makes new friends and expands her world within HomeExchange.com without leaving her home town.

What home exchangers instinctively understand is that every exchange brings value, whether you’re arranging a full home swap or even just exchanging a quick note.

Inquiry Replies give you an opportunity to let everyone know what you are looking for and an opportunity to connect by being responsive. Trust is built by connecting.

Take the time to reply promptly to your home exchange inquiries. Behind every inquiry is a person just like, looking to connect.

The world is knocking on your door … say ‘Hi.’


4 Comments on “A Reply is Kind

  1. Absolutely, it’s so nice to get a reply to our enquiry – especially a quick one. But if we suggest an exchange in October it isn’t really necessary to write to us in December and tell us you’re not interested – we kind of figured that out a while ago 😉

  2. it is very disappointing when no reply is received at all – especially after a couple of inquiries to the same people.

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