Your trust is our foundation

If there is one thing that defines, beyond an incredible community of like-minded members like you, it is the necessity for and belief in the concept of trust. Exchange Partners trust one another with their homes, and you trust that HomeExchange, as a company, will always watch out for them. We know that it can take time to reach a certain level of confidence and, by choosing to exchange through our site, you are putting your trust in us.

Since 1992, we have been privileged to be active contributors to the sharing economy as well as pioneers in the industry. An idea that began as a black and white printed directory transformed into a whole new way of traveling. Although we have grown to 160 countries with over 65,000 listings, the basic principles of HomeExchange being a community built on trust has never wavered.

Your trust is so important that we rely on a highly skilled and experienced team of Trust and Safety experts who, handle issues which require a little extra finesse. They work tirelessly to help ensure you come away more than satisfied with your HomeExchange experience.

Got questions, payment issues or technical glitches? No problem. Our Happiness Support Team is available 24/7 and eager to help explain features, assist with crafting a message, renew memberships, set preferences, and so on. Not only are they HomeExchange employees they are also active members, so rest assured, but they will find the answer you need.

In life, there are very few guarantees, but at HomeExchange we are committed to doing all we can to earn and maintain your trust. We are here to help you to experience the world, to explore new paths and to exchange the magic of possibility.

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