You’ll have them at “Hello”

Imagine you were sitting down having dinner when you heard someone knocking on the door. You get up to see who it is and before you open it an inch, a voice says “Hi, would you Exchange homes with me next month?” It would be pretty disconcerting.

While that’s an extreme example, in a lot of ways, that is how some exchange requests can come across. They are short and not at all sweet. It is not surprising that these types of Inquiries can result in less than satisfactory results for those who are actively looking for an exchange. When it takes, on average, more than seven requests before finding an interested Exchange Partner, we understand the desire to send out more general mass messages.

But is that the answers? Just like with the over 65,000 homes available on HomeExchange, no two processes for securing an exchange are going to be exactly alike. There are a few tips that can make your message more response-worthy.

1. View before you send

We know that this might sound obvious to most, but take the time to check a Profile before getting in touch. If you are traveling with kids, confirm that the home is Child-Friendly. Want to leave your pets in the comfort of their space? Check to see if they are “animal people.” Are you looking to make a Non-Reciprocal Exchange? Make sure someone is open to that type of Exchange.

2. Introduce yourself

Take a moment and identify yourself. No need to write a memoir, but this is your chance to explain who you are and who else might be accompanying you on the potential exchange. A brief introduction can set the stage for more of a conversation.

3. Be specific but flexible

If you know that there are particular dates you are looking for, make a point to explain that up front. But also know that the more open you are with a timeframe, the more likely you are to get a response.

4. Make it personal

Everyone likes to feel seen or like they are unique. That extends to their home. By commenting on something that relates directly to their Profile, you have a better chance of catching an Exchange Partner’s eye. Mention how you share an interest in surfing or how you also have a record collection. Choose something that can establish a connection.

5. Don’t take it personally

If you don’t receive a response to your message, it most likely wasn’t something you said. Perhaps the timeline just didn’t work. Or the person wasn’t interested in exchanging to your location. Sure, it would be nice if everyone responded with a specific reason, but that doesn’t always work out. This could be doubly true if you sent a request to a highly desired location. Some members in New York, London or Paris, can receive literally dozens of messages every day. To respond with a personalized decline to every note would almost be a full-time job.

Looking to learn a little more about our messaging system? Here is an article from our help section to give more basics. And now it’s your turn. Comment below with some of the things that you have found work best when sending out an inquiry.

3 Comments on “You’ll have them at “Hello”

  1. We are drawn to people who take the time to read about our home and our requirements, and who address us by name. We get far too many inappropriate requests from families of up to six people, when we specifically state that our homes are only for three.

  2. We have a second home in Hawaii and every week we receive numerous requests for an exchange. If the request was addressed to us by name we send a personal response. If the request is addressed to “ Hi There” we just click decline.

  3. Because I need to exchangers to provide cat care, when I see that they have one or more cats, I start my inquiry with how much I would enjoy taking care of them. I often receive inquiries that don’t even mention my cat. I never write form inquiries and always mention something nice about the people’s home.

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