More Great Press About HomeExchange

The following English-language media coverage about HomeExchange is in addition to what we’ve summarized in our international roundup, which includes intriguing news from 12 countries and in 12 languages!

Swap Homes for the Holidays and Live Like a Local

As reported in the Irish Times, an Irish daily newspaper, Barbara and her husband have been swapping their home in Dalkey, Ireland, with families overseas for 17 years, living like locals and staying in exotic destinations at a fraction of the usual price.

Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? The Joys of Home Swapping for Vacation

Are you shocked by how much it costs these days for a family to take a decent vacation? A two-week U.S. or international vacation can run $5,000 or more. Until you discover home exchange. In this local newspaper of Bradenton, Florida, one writer tells how he now loves having someone sleep in his bed.

TripVillas & HomeExchange Launch Home Swapping in Asia

What about a vacation in a beautiful villa in India, Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea or Hong Kong? Medianame, an Indian website reporting on digital business, reports that thanks to a new partnership with Tripvillas, HomeExchange is offering multiple opportunities to stay in Asia for free.

HomeExchange Launches Passport™ Program

Budgeting for holiday vacations can be hard, especially in addition to holiday gifts. Don’t worry about costly hotels with this new HomeExchange program, reports Chicago Woman, a magazine for professional women in Chicago.

HomeExchange Gold

HomeExchange Gold was noticed by Luxury Spain, a website about all things luxurious and Spanish. It revealed our premium service, which includes a specialist’s assistance in finding ideal swaps and in optimising profiles and listing for maximum exposure. When time is short and preferences or special needs are important then just calling on the team results in personally curated listings.

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