Meet YOUR Happiness Support Team

HomeExchange is committed to making your house swapping experience as wonderful as possible. That said, there are times when you need to reach out to us due to any number of situations. That’s why we are thrilled to be able to introduce you to the people behind the help lines. Whether it be phone or chat box, our Happiness Support team is committed to making sure that you are, well, happy!

Alice – originally from France

Languages Spoken: French, English, and a bit of German!
What I love the most about HomeExchange is hearing your anecdotes while we’re chatting, calling, or emailing together. Members, you’re the best!

Aurélie – originally from France

Languages Spoken: French, English
A few years ago, I arranged an incredible exchange in western Canada with a Quebec couple who had recently settled in Calgary. Seven years later, I had another exchange in Quebec, and I ran into this first couple who had moved again and were now living in the neighborhood next door!

Borna – originally from Croatia

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English

“I am so impressed with Home Exchange. I heard back from the exchanger and he just forgot to renew. SOOOO all is good and the exchange is on!! Thank you so much for your prompt service. I tell everyone I know about HomeExchange and we have enjoyed 28 amazing exchanges all over the world, about 2 or 3 a year. This will be our first time to give away a balloon. We hope to earn more in the future so that we can give them away for another amazing exchange. We love this program!!”

Vickie, #108934

Christelle – originally from France

Languages Spoken: French, English, Spanish
This has happened several times. Before friends joined the community, they would ask, “Who will be interested in our place?” After a few months as members, they said they were receiving tons of very interesting inquiries and could not begin to accept all of them because they would have to be on holiday more than six months a year! And it’s the case for many members!

Franck – originally from France

Languages Spoken: French, English
I am a big fan of Home Exchange. I love to do some of my own every year; but it’s also a pleasure to help you all. Talking to you is another way to travel and allows me to enjoy all your exchanges!

John – originally from the U.K.

Languages Spoken: English

Kristina – originally from Croatia

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English, German (basic)

Maria – originally from France

Languages Spoken: Spanish, French, English
My name is María. I am Spanish, I made part of my University studies in England and I live in France!
To travel is to live, and I thank Home Exchange for enable me to discover the world in such an authentic way.

Marina – originally from Croatia

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English, German

“As experienced exchangers (10 in 2017), we have needed customer support on several occasions. We have had our exchange partners go non-responsive on two occasions. I was sure that they had changed their minds! Customer service contacted them, and in no time our communication was re-opened, and the exchange went a head.

Recently Hurricane Irma was descending on my home in Florida while a family was there on exchange. HomeExchange Customer Support knew they were there and contacted both of us to offer any assistance there could be. This reassured the young family that was staying in my home a great deal. Thank you, Customer Support!“

Paul and Carole, #481063

Natali – originally from France

Languages Spoken: French, English (basic), a bit of German
Last year, when my son went to Canada with his friend’s family without me: he lost the plane ticket in the airport. Way to be organized!

Nikola (Nick) – originally from Croatia (currently living in Antwerp, Belgium)

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English
When I went on my first exchange, I realized at the airport that I didn’t have my exchange partner’s home address. Somehow we both forgot that crucial detail. Luckily they replied to our message promptly, and the rest of the exchange was great.

Nina – originally from Croatia

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English, French
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to you live in a cottage on a small island? A villa on a cliff overlooking the ocean? A penthouse with views of a million city lights below? With HomeExchange, you can find out!

Sérgio – originally from Portugal

Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English, Croatian
I have the worst job in the world… I get to help people find their dream vacations and see the world! On a daily basis, I speak with interesting people from all over the world, and I get to share in their experiences and stories! To make things even worse, I get to do the same… to travel and enjoy the world and make new friends along the way. it’s a difficult task, but hey, someone gotta do it!

Tamara – originally from Croatia

Languages Spoken: Croatian, English, German, Italian, Spanish (basic)
My very first Home Exchange was with a young mom and her daughter. They were from Paris which is great because I got to go see Paris AND have free accommodations, but the fun part about this whole experience was that she spoke Croatian! It was so cool to see an inquiry coming from Paris and written in Croatian. This was an amazing experience and we are still in touch 5 years later.


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