Home Exchangers Capture Attention of Global Press

Home exchangers, your time has come and the reviews are in from around the globe.

Each one of you has helped build the world of HomeExchange.com, and now you are getting noticed — all around the globe. Here is an overview of press coverage from different countries over the past year, which provides an interesting picture of the fast-growing, global phenomenon of home swapping.

The Wall Street Journal of New York City mentioned HomeExchangeGold.com in their article on the amazing world of mansion-for-mansion exchanging. Recognizing the fundamental mechanism of trust that supports the HomeExchange.com community, they said, “someone with a beautiful house of their own will be careful of yours.” Click here to see the entire article: PDF file.


The French daily newspaper Le Parisien has a nice article titled: “Lend me your house, and I’ll lend you mine.” Calling home exchanging a growing phenomenon, the author interviews happy French members of Trocmaison.com (HomeExchange.com’s French-language site) who discovered fascinating new worlds merely by going from the north to the south of their own country. Once again it is shown that all types of travel can expand your horizons and provide a welcomed shift in perspective. Click here to see the entire article in French: PDF file.


El País, Spain’s largest daily newspaper, discusses HomeExchange.com (under its Spanish name, IntercambioCasas.com) in a long article. As one interviewee puts it, “It seems crazy to exchange your house with a stranger until you do it.” What follows is a thorough demographic breakdown of who exchanges and why (i.e. over 75% of IntercambioCasas.com members are between 35-64 years of age, 4 out of 5 members have exchanged more than twice). The article also features many comments from happy Spanish exchangers. Click here to see the entire article in Spanish: PDF file.


Over at AARP Magazine, the leading travel and lifestyle magazine for Americans over the age of 50, the emphasis was on the incredible savings when you exchange homes and live around the world with no cost for housing. Click here to see the entire article: PDF file.


Vendelbo Posten, a large daily newspaper in the northern Jutland region of Denmark, talks about the interesting possibilities of last-minute exchanges, Danes who are swapping homes for Christmas and a very successful exchange in Barcelona. Included is a brief history of HomeExchange.com itself. Click here to see the entire article in Danish: PDF file.


Italy’s QN news service focuses on ScambioCasa.com (HomeExchange.com’s Italian-language site) as a world-wide movement facilitated by the internet. This article tells you how exchanging works, what the rules are, and provides advice for listing your home successfully. For example: “upload professional photos of your house, provide a good description of the area around your house including special attractions,” etc. Click here to see the entire article in Italian: PDF file.


The hugely popular Dutch newspaper Telegraaf publishes a lifestyle magazine called Zrouw Magazine which ran a long profile of husband and wife writers, Jacinta Bokma and Robert Heukels, who, with their family of six, have been swapping homes for several years. The article profiles their initial concerns about sharing their home followed by the satisfaction of a lifetime of happy exchanges. It also includes a list of ten good tips. Click here to see the entire article in Dutch: PDF file.


L’Express (Toronto, Canada) provides a detailed look at how exactly an exchange works. Included is an interview with Trocmaison.com partner William Heinzer emphasizing the many charms of living like a local and receiving insider tips from your hosts about lesser-known sights and restaurants in the area. Click here to see the entire article in French: PDF file.


The Spanish magazine Dirigentes talks with HomeExchange.com’s director of operations, Jim Pickell, about how confidence is built between home exchangers before they actually swap houses or apartments, the major role Spain plays as a popular cultural destination, and the fact that Spain has the third largest inventory to choose from, after the USA and France. Click here to see the entire article in Spanish: PDF file.


Online American travel sensation Johnny Jet has an article on the way the home exchange process works which includes an interview with HomeExchange.com’s founder, Ed Kushins. Click here to see the entire article: PDF file.


10 Comments on “Home Exchangers Capture Attention of Global Press

  1. My wife Carole and I are traveling around the Globe, the opportunities are now endless thanks to homeexchange.com. We live in Canada but have a second home in Costa Rica that we offer to home ex-changers. Our last exchange was in Spain for a month in four different homes, the trip was a dream come true. We are among the fortunate few and we can see how this way of travelling has become a fast-growing, global phenomenon.
    Happy home swapping to all in the New Year.

  2. Hi there ~ We are members of Homeexchange as well as other home exchange websites and have been exchanging of 15 years. I am an author and my 2013 novel, The Promise of Provence, is about a woman who goes on an exchange in Provence. I was recently interviewed for an extensive article in the January issue of Living France. Your website is mentioned. Thought you would be interested! We already have our two months of exchanges in France organized for 2015. Love it!

  3. I loved this article (i.e. the ones I could read) however if you are sending this to existing home exchangers you are “preaching to the converted”.
    We know the benefits and freedom this gives us, way beyond what we could normally afford.

  4. Have never exchanged , interested in an exchange, Italy- Florence area, or the Cook Islands, (closer to home) Our home is in Wellington New Zealand and a holiday house at Omori south end of Lake Taupo,
    How do I go about getting started ?

  5. Pleasing. You might consider doing some work in Japan which seems to be isolated from the HomeExchange network.

    Also, consider setting up a division of your company which holds bonds for both sides of an exchange and returns funds when exchangers have left the exchange as they found it.

    The most concerning issue for those who have lovely homes is the unknown of who they are exchanging with. Will the other party wreck your home? Will the other party be rough and mark walls and furniture? Will the other party smoke in your house when you have specifically designated your home as a ‘no smoking’ house?

    A significant bond is the best way to ensure that things do not go badly wrong. Whilst this may be met with some resistance by some exchangers it would quickly become accepted as part of the landscape as exchangers realised that they were protected on the one side and had to behave on the other. A win win.



  6. I have already submitted profile of home and me at Kolkata. Pl.inform me the system

  7. We are c instantly being offered “second houses” we would like to swap “like for like” we have been specific. Very disappointed.

  8. Homexchange.com is the way to see the world! We have only been members for a year but managed to secure 7 exchanges over a 7 month period as we traveled 10 000 miles across the USA this year! We have had exchange requests from members in over 18 countries in the last 12 months! The bug has now bitten and we are eager to start planning our next trip. http://www.ThePengellyUSAroadtrip.co.za

  9. Voici un sympathique article paru dans mon journal local le jour même où je mettais les pieds en France pour la première fois, pour mon premier échange de maison. La journaliste préparait un article thématique sur les échanges de maison avec des gens de la région qui avaient déjà réalisé un échange de maison et une autre personne qui s’apprêtait à le faire, en l’occurence moi. En fouillant sur le web, elle m’a trouvé et est arrivée chez moi à l’improviste 2 jours avant mon départ. Un échange qui fut concluant et qui m’a donné le goût de poursuivre avec ce type de voyage!

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