GuesttoGuest and HomeExchange come together!

Since early 2017, HomeExchange and GuesttoGuest have been a part of the same company. During this time our teams have collaborated on a daily basis, sharing our experiences and the lessons we learn. We’ve asked the questions: How do we bring you better service? What can increase trust between our Members? How will we assist you in organizing your next adventure? The answers have helped us define our next step: uniting the Member communities into one website to expertly cater to your needs.

Getting better together

By offering limitless exchange possibilities, added protection to your exchanges, and a dynamically useable website, we are committed to maintaining the trusting relationship we’ve developed over the years. HomeExchange and GuesttoGuest listened to your comments and suggestions to better improve your experience. It is because of your dedication and commitment that we push to continue refining and it is by maximizing the strengths of each community that we can build a brighter future. We have been with you on your travels and, in return, you share the experiences that make up the rich history of home exchange.

A story built through connections

The truth is, GuesttoGuest and HomeExchange are an ideal match. From our shared love of traveling to the urge to discover new countries and regions, the innate curiosity regarding locals in the places we visit or our quest to go beyond being a tourist; it all comes down to sharing. There is the universal thrill of receiving an exchange request and the ever-present desire to uncover your next destination be it Lisbon, Vancouver, Perth or Charleston. We share a love for where we live and are thrilled to welcome our Exchange Partners into our homes.

An updated website for a new beginning

Within a few days, you’ll discover that the platform you love has a fresh look. An optimistic solar yellow shines as our predominant color coupled with joyfully juicy dashes of orange. With its rounded lines, our new logo offers a window to the world with a signature “O.” It is there to express the Openness of our community and the Opportunities that be to found within. We have been custom building this new home so that it not only looks like but feels like you: welcoming, authentic, and warm. You will find that highlights of both websites seamlessly come together to allow for easier navigation, simplicity when searching, and the ability to effortlessly organize your exchanges.

The future is bright with your new HomeExchange. There are many places for you to discover once the site officially launches but, until then, your Happiness Team is available should any questions arise.



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