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Every romantic comedy fan will know The Holiday. The 2006 film stars Kate Winslet as Iris and Cameron Diaz as Amanda, and they both play women who need breaks from their day-to-day lives and relationships. So, they log onto our website and swap abodes, with Diaz’s character jetting to an English cottage and Winslet moving into a mansion in Los Angeles.

Those who love the movie might be happy to know they, too, can experience a similar home exchange through — though we can’t promise you’ll meet Jude Law or Jack Black upon arrival at your home away from home. It’s also possible for you to check out the movie’s most iconic filming locations on your home exchange, should you end up in Los Angeles or in London.


Here are five of the places to check out:

Amanda’s Home

1883 Orlando Road
San Marino, California

You probably remember Iris’s surprise when she pulled up to Amanda’s grandiose Los Angeles mansion for the first time. You, too, can have the same experience by driving by the home featured in the film. The film only features the home’s exterior — the modern, over-the-top interior was shot elsewhere.

Graham’s Home

Wonersh, Surrey, UK

You’d be hard pressed to find a property more quintessentially English than Iris’s cottage in The Holiday. Unfortunately, that home was built in two weeks specifically for the movie and, needless to say, it no longer stands.

You can, however, find the home that belongs to Jude Law’s character, Graham, and his two adorable on-screen daughters. The quaint brick abode is situated in Wonersh, Surrey, just outside of London. A train from Waterloo station in central London would take you to the filming location in just under an hour and 20 minutes.


Sony Pictures Studio Tour

10202 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

We now know that Iris’s home was built solely for the shots the director wanted to capture of the classic English cottage. This construction didn’t include the interior of the home, which was filmed at the Sony Pictures Studio.

On top of that, the snazzy interior of Amanda’s home was also reproduced on a sound stage at Sony Studios. You may not be able to see the sets intact at this point, but a trip to Sony Pictures Studio while you’re in Los Angeles can be a pretty exciting tour experience nonetheless. You can see the places where Men and Black and The Wizard of Oz were once filmed and, of course, you’ll be in the same place where The Holiday was shot in large part, too.

White Horse Pub

Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Shere Ln, Shere, Guildford GU5 9HS

The address for the White Horse Pub doesn’t lie — it is situated within one of England’s most lush, green and stunning natural areas. A trip outside of the booming metropolis that is London would be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle, especially for a nice walk through the area.

You might then want to grab a bite at the White Horse Pub, which is a real-life pub where Graham and Amanda shared a meal. Other home exchangers have visited the site and raved about the cozy, quaint vibes it has in real life, just like it had in the film. Just like Graham’s home, it’ll just take you a quick pair of train rides from the city’s Waterloo station.

Southbank Walk

Lambeth, London, UK

No trip to London would be complete without a walk along the South Bank. The path weaves through the center of the city along the River Thames, and from it you can see some of the most iconic sites London has to offer.

Try and plan your walk around good weather — a task in and of itself, considering London’s typical cloudiness. But you’ll be glad you waited for the sunshine as you walk past the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye and across the Waterloo Bridge for yet another view of one of the great cities of the world.

Where Will You Go On Your Next Home Exchange?

These are just five of the many filming locations used to piece together the story of Iris, Amanda, Graham and Jack Black’s Miles. No matter whether you end up in an English cottage, an L.A. mansion, or somewhere in between, your journey with HomeExchange will be just as memorable as the one you saw on-screen in The Holiday.


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