2017 Highlights: New Features

We’d like to dedicate 2017 to you, our community. We continually work to improve HomeExchange.com and provide more opportunities for you, our members, to experience the joys of exchanging. The HomeExchange team is ready to see what 2018 will hold but, until then, we figured it would be a good time to look at some highlights from this last year!

Response Rate:

Back in September, we introduced a new feature to HomeExchange: Response Rate. This relatively simple feature has had a significant impact on how Members can find Exchanges. From a single glance, you see just how likely a Member is to respond, and they can view your rating too.

Learn more from our announcement post.

Updated Help Center:

We know how important it is to have a resource for all your questions regarding HomeExchange, and that is why our Happiness Support Team committed to providing a significant overhaul of our Help Center. Currently updated in English, French, and Spanish, the Team is completing more languages regularly.

See other updates from our Happiness Support Team here.

Facebook Groups:

We are passionate about Exchanging and know you are too. With that in mind, we decided to create a collection of regional members-only Facebook Groups which allow you to communicate with our Exchange community in ways we haven’t been able to before. You are a passionate sort, asking incredible questions, sharing amazing photos and experiences, and providing fantastic feedback to help shape the future of HomeExchange. If you have not joined a group, why wait? Your fellow Exchangers are ready to greet you.

Join our Facebook Groups now!

These are just a few of the highlights your HomeExchange team made in 2017. Don’t miss out on more exciting updates and 2018 fast approaches!

9 Comments on “2017 Highlights: New Features

  1. I like the new changes and I have requested to join a group.
    Still hoping that ‘Balloon’ some day will be listed as an exchange type along with Simultaneous and Non-simultaneous etc..

  2. I read your list of improvements and noticed that you are missing the kitchen stuff. Dishes (not chipped or cracked) enough plates and other necessary dishes. Nice silverware. Clean kitchen/ dish towels. (we have had a bad experience with these items.)
    Please give your exchangers white or light color sheets that show they are clean. Black, navy, gray dark red are all out. The same with towels.
    Chairs to sit on. Our host in Rome provided us with 3 flimsy folding chairs.

  3. I guess with the response rate you are trying to do something akin to a rating, but it doesn’t really work. Members get inundated with requests (especially from the french market) and simply do not have the time to respond to each. You haven’t yet implemented a feature which allows me to send the same “not interested” message to multiple enquirers.

    Also no mention of how your new “balloon” feature is going. I imagine there has not been much uptake from experienced home exchangers as I see it fraught with dangers. Can you provide stats on how many experienced users (ie: not first timers who may not know better) have taken on a balloon proposal? Nobody in my circle of home exchangers trust the Balloon concept.

    Thank you

    • Germaine, thank you for your comment and your feedback. We will pass your comments on to the development team. As for Balloons, We didn’t mention anything about that program in this article as it was officially announced in 2016. We will be doing a more comprehensive article on it in January so make sure to keep an eye out for that. Thank you again.

  4. Sometime ago a newsletter from Homeexchange mentioned that they were investigating insurance options for Homeexchangers. I haven’t seen any update on this issue. What is the latest on this issue?

    • Hello Margaret, insurance options is something that is still being explored. We don’t have anything official to announce yet. Thank you for your question.

  5. Some home exchange people in Costa Rica have asked us to do a balloon exchange. What is this and how do we do it? Thank you.

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