The Happiness Support team is always working to make your HomeExchange experience better. Here are a few things that you should know.

The new Help Center is live!

The Happiness Team has been hard at work to update our help center. It is currently available in English but will soon be translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch! The section includes a variety of questions all here to help clarify and enhance your experience. Read More

Every day our Happiness Support team has the chance to interact with you and other members. Through these conversations, they have learned a thing or two that can help make your HomeExchange experience more enjoyable. Here are their inside tips on making the most of HomeExchange.

Sérgio suggests:
Make sure you update your Listing on a regular basis! This will ensure that your information is always current and not showing that you wished to go to Paris in 2014! Also, your “Preferred Exchanges” are a key part of finding your Exchanges. By making sure they are filled in, it will allow for a faster matching Exchange partner! Read More

HomeExchange is committed to making your house swapping experience as wonderful as possible. That said, there are times when you need to reach out to us due to any number of situations. That’s why we are thrilled to be able to introduce you to the people behind the help lines. Whether it be phone or chat box, our Happiness Support team is committed to making sure that you are, well, happy!

Alice – originally from France

Languages Spoken: French, English, and a bit of German!
What I love the most about HomeExchange is hearing your anecdotes while we’re chatting, calling, or emailing together. Members, you’re the best! Read More

Winter is approaching, and that means snow in the mountains. Are you planning that one ultimate trip during the season to enjoy the snow? Why not plan multiple ski vacations to the best destinations? Using will save you money and let you stretch your skiing budget. Here are 10 of the best ski destinations in the world to get your planning started!

Aspen Colorado, USA

For many, Aspen is still the quintessential ski town that all other North American ski towns compare themselves to. There are four mountains located within easy reach, each offering different levels of terrain. Beginners will love Buttermilk with its innovative ski school and many green runs, while expert adrenaline seekers can attack Aspen Highlands — the locals’ favorite — with the steepest terrain. Read More

On our 3-week trip to Europe, my husband and I did many amazing things. While traveling around between 5 countries, we prosted at Oktoberfest, drank wine in Paris, and explored historic Stockholm.

In Amsterdam, we indulged in local fare, boated through the canals at sunset, lost ourselves at the Van Gogh Museum, toured the Heineken factory, and walked everywhere we went. While I have no regrets from that trip, there are always things that you wish you made time for. For me, there were a few things in Amsterdam that we didn’t do, and in hindsight, I’d love to prioritize next time.

See if you can make time for these fun activities when you get a chance to explore this amazing city. Read More

Go beyond the American traditions of costumes and trick-or-treating and learn about some of the incredible festivals and celebrations that occur around the world. From Mexico’s Día de los Muertos to Nepal’s Gai Jatra, these are events that honor and connect deeply with their country of origin. No need to be afraid, with HomeExchange you’ll find the perfect exchange to make your otherworldly dream a reality.

Mexico: Día de los Muertos

While Halloween is about fearing the dead, Día de los Muertos – “Day of the Dead” in Spanish – is all about celebrating them. What began as a month-long Aztec tradition was condensed when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexico, bringing Catholicism with them. Today, Día de los Muertos is observed between October 31 and November 2: in other words, Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day. The lively celebration honors ancestors with parades, parties, festivals, food, and drink. During Día de los Muertos, the living dress as their ancestors, painting their faces like skulls, and honor deceased relatives with private altars, where they make offerings of candles, sugar skulls, tequila, marigolds, and more. This celebration isn’t just Mexican – it takes place throughout Latin America and even parts of the U.S., so there are lots of destinations where you can experience it! Read More

When traveling (and particularly on an exchange), it is a fairly common occurrence to find yourself strolling through a farmers’ market or local grocery store. The sights and smells of regional cuisine wrap themselves around you with a warm welcome to a new area. Thanks to HomeExchange, you can not only look but taste and experience living like a local.

One of the highlights of Exchanging your home is the fact that you are able to have access to a kitchen. Allowing you to not only try the local flavors but have the opportunity to make them yourself. Need help deciding where to go? Check out these regions and put your culinary skills to the test: Read More

Hello, my name is Christopher Erkelens and I’m thrilled to be the USA Country Manager for HomeExchange.

A bit about me: I am first and foremost a HomeExchanger. I fell in love with the concept, the lifestyle, and, of course, the Members. Having been with HomeExchange for a year and a half as Marketing Manager, I am looking forward to jumping into the role of Country Manager. With the position, I have the opportunity to oversee the various aspects of the HomeExchange business within the United States while also being fortunate enough to interact with our enthusiastic community. Recently, I have had the chance to connect one-on-one with many of our state-side Ambassadors. The conversations and connections have only gotten me more excited for the direction HomeExchange is heading. Read More