Every romantic comedy fan will know The Holiday. The 2006 film stars Kate Winslet as Iris and Cameron Diaz as Amanda, and they both play women who need breaks from their day-to-day lives and relationships. So, they log onto our website and swap abodes, with Diaz’s character jetting to an English cottage and Winslet moving into a mansion in Los Angeles.

Those who love the movie might be happy to know they, too, can experience a similar home exchange through HomeExchange.com — though we can’t promise you’ll meet Jude Law or Jack Black upon arrival at your home away from home. It’s also possible for you to check out the movie’s most iconic filming locations on your home exchange, should you end up in Los Angeles or in London. Read More

One of the most delicious parts of Home Exchange is being able to taste local delights. That’s where you come in. We want to offer a downloadable HomeExchange cookbook featuring recipes directly from our Members. Do you have a favorite paella? Do your Exchange Partners say you make the best crepes? Is your barbecue beyond compare? Help us bring the flavors of your kitchen to those around the world!

Submit your recipes to recipes@homeexchange.com now. Please include: Read More

For most HomeExchangers, getting on the open road can be a freeing experience, but pulling together the perfect road trip is like planning a dinner party. It’s all about having the right mix of guests and knowing how to keep things moving. Here are a few thoughts to help make your next adventure a smoother ride.

Short on time? Here’s a quick summary. Read More

The era of smartphones has made travel infinitely easier. You get lost? There’s an app for that. Need a recommendation for a restaurant? Sorted. Can’t figure out what to pack? Check. Here are our picks for the apps (and websites) that make getting to and enjoying your next home exchange almost effortless.

Please note: Some of these apps require being connected to wifi or having a data plan. Please confirm before using them outside your plan area so you don’t get an unexpected surprise with your phone bill. Read More

If we’ve done our job, you are by now, completely sold on the idea of HomeExchange. Yet, there is one small detail that has prevented you from signing up as a member; your spouse/partner is still unsure.

You’ve tried persuading: “it’s a network of great people just like us”; “the homes are beautiful”; “check out this amazing destination we could go to for free!” You’ve tried reasoning: “what’s the difference between this and renting a home or a hotel room?”; “People have been doing this for 25 years”; “For the price of one night in a hotel we can go on our dream holiday for weeks at a time” and still, despite your best efforts you’re still hearing: “I just don’t know”. Read More

Leaving glorious New Zealand (45 days of awesome) would have been brutal if we didn’t have so much more to look forward to on our five-month (12 home exchange) adventure, including Tasmania! – Devils, wallabies, eye-popping art, islands off islands, coastline beauty and a wonderful home exchange.

Our Tasmanian home was a lovely, comfortable (100+ years old Federation style, beautifully remodeled & decorated), and our hosts Ingrid and Michael were funny, warm and welcoming, and full of advice about Tasmania. We felt like they really went above and beyond. We highly recommend themRead More

Family vacations are great! Experiencing a new culture, discovering a new food, being welcomed into someone’s home, can be life-changing. Sharing these experiences with your children is a gift, and as HomeExchange members, we get to do it often.

However, deciding on a location for Summer vacation that is fun for the whole family can be a bit tricky. Finding a destination that you and your kids will like is key! Read More

New Zealand delivers with amazing diversity! Where else can you find glaciers that reach into rain forests, hike stark volcanic terrain, visit lush Hobbit landscapes featured in the Lord of the Rings, go sailing with multiple stops at wineries, have miles of gorgeous beaches all to yourself, and cruise fjords with hundreds of gushing waterfalls. New Zealand is not a big country but it packs a lot in.

There is so much here that you really need to plan an extended stay. Home Exchange makes it all possible. We were lucky enough to plan four in a row. Throw in a road trip and a sailing charter with friends and we were all set for a seven week adventure. Read More