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Denmark Unlocked

Be in the know before you go! Our new series, “Unlocked” will help you live like a local at your next destination. First up: Denmark, courtesy of HomeExchange.com team member and...

10 Free NYC

What’s better than having fun things to do? Having fun free things to do. Welcome to our blog series, 10 Free Things. Make the most of the city that never sleeps...


In the early 1800s, around 150 passages couverts (covered passageways) were constructed in Paris to shield affluent citizens from the cold and rain while they socialized, dined, and shopped; in fact,...

Fancy a trip to Paradise? Need a Spa break? Check out our top ten most interestingly-named exchange cities. 1. For those who want it all – Paradise, Nevada, USA 2. When...

tour de france

It might be too late to travel to the 2014 Olympic games, but there are still plenty of exciting world sporting events coming up!

We’re celebrating the Olympics all month long, and what better way to start than taking a tour of Greece – by the numbers.


Every four years, the world comes together to celebrate winter sports and the athletes that excel at them. It’s time for the Winter Olympics!

top 10

Did you resolve to be more adventurous in 2014? We've put together our top ten excursions to help you get a head start.

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