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Nice at Festival Time

Go on.  Think festival and then tell me which nation instantly comes to mind. It’s got to be Brazil surely? Closely followed probably by Italy with its tomato throwing competitions and...


Thank heavens, I thought as I watched the raindrops crashing into my windowpane and gale-force winds turning umbrellas inside out. Thank heavens that February is the month of Saint Valentine. Suddenly...

Whale shark - a delightful swimming companion -Ningarloo Reef

My favourite New Year message for 2014 came from my brother, David. RISK more than others think is safe CARE more than others think is wise DREAM more than others think...

All decked out in Holkham Hall

I’m told that I might offend some of my readers by using Christmas to describe this fabulous festive time. I simply don’t believe it.

An impression of Monet's water garden

Sandra continues her journey through the country of France, stopping in Lyon and Paris before continuing on to Giverny to visit Monet's garden.

Place Massena, Nice

I am on Eurostar, the wonder-train, speeding under the English Channel. In 20 minutes we will emerge blinking in the sunlight on French soil. That’s what it takes, 20 minutes and...

Sandra and Jafar in Dorset

I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Take a holiday on me for two weeks. Any holiday, halfway up a mountain, fully stretched on a beach, or anything...


My world is divided by those who can just look at a beautiful view and those who have to dive into it. Guess where I end up. Splash!