Meet Ellen and Kirsten, good friends from Copenhagen and both freelance translators. They got two home exchanges almost for the same dates: Kirsten to Montreal and Ellen to Sydney.  Since it was Kirsten’s first exchange, they decided to keep correspondence during their trips …And here’s their funny and entertaining result!

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Lisa Green Olympics Rio Cycling

Meet Lisa, from Colorado USA, who is currently at the Rio Olympics on a home exchange. Surely, planning a trip to Brazil to attend the Rio Olympics was downright daunting, right? “Not if you’re with HomeExchange,” she says.

Planning a trip to any foreign place can present many challenges. This is especially true when trying to attend a major sporting or cultural event. As it turned out, my accommodations were the easiest thing about this trip, which made everything else easier! Read More


HomeExchange is a fun‑loving global family  —  which is why, for almost a decade, we’ve gathered our entire team (and THEIR families) for a week‑long team‑building and strategy retreat. Each July, we come together from all around the world to reconnect, recharge and reenergize  —  in an exceptional locale, of course!


In July 2016, the entire HomeExchange team united in Cádiz on the southwest coast of Spain for another productive and fun‑filled “family reunion.” The raison d’etre for the annual gathering has been described in detail by HomeExchange President Jim Pickell, but in large part it is because we are a “virtual” company  —  virtually everyone at HomeExchange works remotely, so we treasure these face‑to‑face work retreats and eagerly await them all year long. (When it comes to building vision, the best way to advance is to retreat!)
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Upon exiting Grand Central Terminal in New York City, even the most seasoned urban traveler may face a moment of panic. A short walk to the west, flashing marquees advertise the hottest Broadway shows glare on thousands of people packing the streets. The air is choked with car exhaust. You may feel like you too should be wearing black and in a terrible hurry. Fear not! Even in this metropolitan beehive there are pocket neighborhoods for every taste and style. Here’s how to find you find your niche and navigate the streets of Manhattan like a native. Read More


Imagine if you could have free HomeExchange Membership, airfare and meals with locals, as well as enjoy tours and activities, all so you can experience a city like you live there. Well, now you can!

HomeExchange is all about traveling more and enjoying authentic and meaningful travel experiences.  Until August 30th 2016, share your HomeExchange photo memories with us in the #MyHomeExchange Photo Contest. Upload a selfie, show us around as you visit a new city, share a photo of your family relaxing together at your home exchange. It’s up to you. Enter, share and vote.
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By Victoria Ortiz

Major sporting events unite people around the world. Whether high-fiving best friends or strangers in neighboring seats, spectators at live tournaments collectively become a force in ways that television just can’t capture. Amid a sea of painted faces, caught in the waft of bargain beverages and failed deodorant, it’s hard not to get into the team spirit.


Nothing stirs national pride like the Olympics, which debut in South America for the first time this August, followed by the Paralympics in September. Over 200 flags will wave during the opening ceremonies, followed by weeks of premier athletes competing for gold in everything from synchronized swimming to the introduction of rugby union. Given enough advance planning, finding lodging in an Olympic city like Rio de Janeiro need not involve scrambling for limited and overpriced hotel rooms. Instead, check out the HomeExchange Listings (like our nearly 200 Listings in Rio de Janeiro). You could be a few clicks from practicing Portuguese with a neighbor over a bowl of açai.

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Many big world capitals are magnets for LGBT travelers who know they will be welcomed and have lots to do. But the LGBT travel treasure chest also contains some smaller gems!

While the acronym ‘LGBT’ is relatively new, lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender travel is not. Historically, these travelers have gravitated to LGBT-friendly havens like San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and, of course, New York City.

But there are smaller cities, too, that claim vibrant alternative communities. Orlando, Florida, is one that’s attracted a strong LGBT base of vacationers and residents alike. The recent mass-killing of 49 people there at an LGBT nightclub has, if anything, reinforced the dynamism and unity of the community. Forging ahead despite tragedy, perhaps Orlando can become a beacon of social harmony – and a wonderful place to ‘live like an LGBT local’!

Here are some other cities that put out the rainbow welcome mat. Also check out HomeExchange’s amazing collection of more than 6,500 Listings for LGBT adventurers.

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Whether your intention is to soak away your cares or sail into the sunset, there’s a pool, ocean or lake somewhere near a HomeExchange house where you can do it!


“The Mermaid Pools (of Matapouri Bay) in New Zealand were well worth the incredibly steep clamber up a vertical hill and down the other side to the sea. From above, they looked almost too good to be true, with the contrast of the crystal-clear, calm, blue-green of the pools against the roiling sea just beyond the rocks. The pools are only safe at low tide; too many people have been injured by waves crashing over the rocks and beating them against the side of the pool as the tide comes in. Amazing to have swum in them though.” Read more.
Elspeth, UK

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