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Each year TripAdvisor publishes the Travelers’ Choice Awards, including restaurants from around the world as chosen by travelers just like us. Here are 10 of the top award winners from 2014, enjoy!
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Feast your eyes on cuisine from around the world, provided by top foodie bloggers and chefs from our website who agreed to share their secrets (shhh…) with our community.

Everybody knows that one of the great delights of home exchanging is that you will have access to a full kitchen while you travel. This allows you to visit farmers markets to explore the local produce, meats and cuisine for a truly authentic dining experience. To help you figure out what to do with those fresh ingredients, here is an array of recipes to try. Read More


Hungry? Thirsty? On the Road? Personal Restaurant Recommendations From HomeExchange.com Team Members

(Part I of an On-Going Series)

The sheer joy of deciding where to travel in order to “live like a local” is surely matched by the two questions that we find ourselves asking over and over… usually the moment you arrive at your destination.


“Yes! Where do you want to eat?”

These are, if you will pardon the pun, delicious questions.

Here, then, are some refreshingly opinionated recommendations: the favorite restaurants of HomeExchange.com Team Members around the world.

And remember, with all the money you save by home exchanging rather than spending heavily on accommodations, you can experience some great restaurants without blowing your travel budget.

We’re sure you’ll revel in these insiders’ tips and invite you to share your own recommendations.
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We are looking for the PHOTO OF THE MONTH in our HomeExchange.com community! Will it be yours? #HomeExchangeFoodies

Send us your drool-worthy, travel food photos, and show us why you should be named our foodie of the month! Whether it’s from a food truck, farmers market, or a Three Michelin Star rated restaurant, post a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #HomeExchangeFoodies and show us why you should be our foodie of the month.


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Look at how well this Hungarian member prepared his welcome package for his Spanish exchange partner. He even described each of the local items in Spanish! Isn’t this nice?

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us what local food items they have left for their home exchange partners. Here are some of our favorite answers!

It isn’t uncommon for home exchangers to leave special items behind for their home exchange partners – particularly when it comes to items they have left behind in the fridge. From local fruits and vegetables to fine wines and delectable treasures, here are some noteworthy responses we received!


home exchange member

Naiara Garcia Polo

“On our last home exchange we left fish soup and clams with a green sauce, so they would have a complete meal ready when they arrived. We have also left cheese, nuts, cider and sweets. In addition, we also usually leave a welcome message and some maps and local info about our place and neighborhood.”


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Inexpensive Luxury On the Beach

by Mirey Messayeh

comm290_482x287_photo1Since becoming a HomeExchange.com member in 2007 I have enjoyed 22 home swaps. Finally, this past December, my companion and I had the opportunity to enjoy our most exotic destination yet: the coastal town Mui Ne in Vietnam.

On my way to the airport to catch the plane to Saigon I thought of those past 22 exchanges. Each time I go to a house that I have chosen on HomeExchange.com I feel the same excitement. I have never yet been disappointed; on the contrary, each listing has seemed even nicer than the last one. Read More


Extend Your Home Exchange Experience with these Top Cooking Classes While in Paris, New York, Milano, Lisbon and Marrakech.

By: Mário de Castro

Feed your creativity and your wanderlust. For cooking courses of one or more days, be sure to book before your departure.

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We found a recipe for the perfect home exchange! Do you have any ingredients you’d like to add? Share them with us in the comments below!


  • 2 lbs of Trust
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of Communication
  • 1/4 cup of Courtesy
  • 2 tbsp of an Open Mind
  • 1 tbsp of Location
  • 1 tsp of Flexibility
  • A pinch of Organization
  • A dash of Adventurous Spirit

Servings: Unlimited

Preparation time: The earlier, the better.


1. Create your listing. Add Photos, descriptions, and sharing preferences. Cook until it is well-done.

2. Add ½ cup of communication, little by little, as you start sending and receiving exchange inquiries. Do not let the dish run out of communication. Add more, if needed, and try to respond quickly!

3. Stir in 1tsp of flexibility, 2 tbsp of an open-mind, and 2 pounds of trust. When ready, add 1/4 cup of commitment to seal the deal.

4. Your home exchange is ready to serve! Add a pinch of organization, a dash of adventurous spirit to your taste and enjoy your meal!

Foodie travel recipe

Let’s keep the recipe going! What else do you add to your home exchange recipe? Share them with us!
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