Millions of TripAdvisor travelers have voted these 10 beaches to be among the best in the entire world.

Here they are: 10 of the best beaches from around the world as chosen by millions of TripAdvisor travelers. Spread across the globe, each locale is a paradise in its own unique way. In addition to the gorgeous views, perfect sand, and pristine waters, all these destinations have one thing in common: you can stay for free using at a nearby home! The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and even Down Under are all represented.

Where will you go first?
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To help you interact with the HomeExchange community and highlight your loyalty and efforts as a Member we are excited to announce and introduce HomeExchange Badges!

Badges are new friendly indicators to help you get to know one another and showcase your involvement with the HomeExchange community.

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Meet Stephanie, avid home exchanger since 2007 and “family manager,” as she likes to call herself. When she and her family headed to Curaçao to enjoy some scuba diving on a new Home Exchange adventure, they never imagine they would come back completely in love with the island and in the process of purchasing the house next to their home exchange residence.

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Find great wind, surf, culture, delicious food and a wonderful home exchange

Kitesurfing is a new and exciting water sport that has taken off across the world. Kitesurfers can enjoy the sport on oceans, lakes, inlets, and bays—essentially any body of water. One way to think about kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) is as a combination of flying a stunt kite, wakeboarding, surfing, and windsurfing. The sport has a steep but fast learning curve. If you take lessons from a qualified instructor (highly recommended), you’ll be up and riding in no time!
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The sun also rises on the French surf scene

It all starts with the filming of a Hollywood movie in 1956. The producers have chosen Biarritz for a scene in The Sun Also Rises, a movie based on Hemingway’s novel of the same name. Richard Zanuck, son of Darryl Zanuck, is standing speechless on the beach in front of the casino as he looks at the almost perfect rollers coming in. He has his surfboard, long as a canoe, brought from California. The husband of one of the film’s stars, Deborah Kerr, does the same. Everyone shows up to watch these two seemingly crazy Americans who rewarded them with some spectacular wipeouts when the ocean got rough.

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Whether you love boating or have a more general passion for water sports of any sort, boat shows feed your love for the water and entertain the whole family for days on end. From super yachts over 40 meters long to the single kayak, you will find something for everyone.

International boat shows are very large events spread over multiple venues, and typically span five or more days. Boating and nautical equipment manufacturers come from around the world, and each of these events attracts thousands of attendees from all over.

There are many advantages to attending such a large event. First of all, it is a buyer’s market. The exhibitors are very willing to negotiate, which means great deals can be found. There will be many options to choose from, and many specialists will be on hand to answer your questions. Furthermore, you’ll be among the first to see the latest and greatest boat models, water sport equipment, and accessories as well as seminars on various marine-related topics. Many people don’t realize they are allowed to board a boat to check out the entire vessel—the bridge and the crow’s nest being the two favorite areas of many young guests.

With so much to see and experience just within the boat show itself, it helps to be able to relax and recharge overnight in a home-like setting by using — not to mention, of course, the money you save on lodging can then allow you to spend more at the event!

Here are seven of the best International Boat Shows.
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Top 5 Diving

Seas and oceans cover three-fourths of our planet, but most people don’t know what is hidden under all that water. Scuba diving reveals a new dimension of our blue planet, giving us an amazingly intimate look at the aquatic life that surrounds us. Here are 5 incredible places where you can dive more and spend less with!
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Diving in South East Asia is a like a dream come true. Tropical warm weather, picturesque beaches to relax in, but more importantly, the diverse under water life that thrive in these waters are pretty unreal, offering you some of the best dive spots and experiences in the world. So sit back, read, and maybe even end up living like a local through home exchange in one of these many stunning destinations.


Tubbataha, Philippines


Photo by

Known as the last frontier of untouched beauty, this UNESCO world heritage site is located in the Sulu Sea. It is a perfect example of a pristine coral reef with a remarkable 100m perpendicular wall, extensive lagoons and two coral islands. The dives here are truly one of a kind and a must do for every avid diver. Although most of the dive spots are only accessible by live-aboard dive boats, the rewards are worth it as white and black tip reef sharks, whale sharks, mantas, turtles and hammerheads are often spotted here. Naturally, since it is only accessible by live-aboard boats, the price tag on diving here is quite steep, but is well worth it as each dive boasts of amazing underwater bio diversity. Read More