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Authentic, remote, magical and unique — some very special islands that create a family vacation to remember, for a lifetime.

Joan describes it as her “magical formula,” one her family has used for years now. The Planes family has been a HomeExchange.com Member since 2007 and with 14 exchanges under their belt, they know and embrace the benefits of home exchanging.

After discovering the Faroe Islands and exploring parts of Iceland not previously on their travel radar, this family has a whole new appreciation of the discovery factor.

Forget planes, trains, automobiles and crowds… this family opted for tunnels, ferries, helicopters and craters. Discovering the Faroe Islands and the magical wonders of Iceland gave this family a vacation to remember forever.

Here is the story, in Joan’s own words:

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myhomeexchange food and family contestWe had so much fun seeing your photos during our Wish You Were Here, #MyHomeExchange contest that we’re doing it again!

This time, we’re celebrating Food and Family. Whether you’re enjoying Thanksgiving, Halloween, Oktoberfest, a harvest festival, Diwali or just getting the gang together for a great dinner, we want you to share it with us. Food, friends and family make a great combination, don’t you think?

Did you have a campfire cookout on Home Exchange? Show us!
Did you hold a Home Exchange family reunion? We want photos!
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For many, the travel experience is all about the food, the culture and the sights a location offers. Although everyone wants a comfortable place to stay, your lodging might mainly be a place to drop your bags and lay your head down at night. You may not need a Home Exchange with six bedrooms, a formal dining room,  home theater and enough space to host a family reunion.

Can you own a small home and be a successful Home Exchange member? Will you be able to travel the world and stay for free? Yes you can! Many members are happy sharing and staying in small homes.

Three Home Exchangers share the scoop on tiny home travel.

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One Bed, One Bath, But So Much More

They are small; they are well appointed; and they are very well located. So much more than a hotel room and yet free.

Here are a collection of one bedroom, one bathroom apartments, lofts & flats selected from our over 65,000 listings on Home Exchange. Variety rules and you will be amazed at how delightful they all are. Some folks are retired, others are seasoned travelers who have learned they can work remotely from any corner of the world with a wifi connection and there are newbies too, trying home exchange for the first time.

You will find that small is beautiful and often comes with a view as well as a budding friendship.

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HomeExchange badges

HomeExchange.com introduced Badges recently as friendly indicators to help you get to know one another and showcase your involvement in the community. The response has been fantastic and many Members would like to know how they can earn more.

Looking for the Photo Pro Badge? Be sure you have uploaded 10 or more hi-resolution images. Need help with photos? Read more about how to take the best photos for your Listing here: Read More

Want to don the Expert Responder Badge? Communication is key at HomeExchange.com so be sure to respond, even if you have to politely decline, to every inquiry sent your way and you can show this badge off to your fellow exchangers!


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At the end of her first year as a member of IntercambioCasas.com (Spanish site of HomeExchange.com), Maite shares with us her travel experience exchanging her small apartment in downtown Barcelona. Do you want to know how she did 7 home exchanges in only one year?

If someone had told me, a bit more than one year ago, that it was possible to travel to different places in the world, get to know different cities, connect with people speaking different languages, discover diverse family structures and live for a while in their homes, stroll through their neighborhoods and say hello to their neighbors, as a true local, I would have thought that, at least, teleportation had been invented.

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For some, an expansive abode will always be the ultimate dream house. But for an increasing number of both singles and families, the dream is now to live with less, and experience more.  A generation of retirees first led the charge, dumping decades of clutter and deciding to instead focus on memories: those of the past, and those to come. As urban centers explode beyond their original planned borders, millennials stake claim on tiny flats near public transport, conveniences and work. Environmentally conscious folk pick smaller digs purposely making a smaller footprint and leaving less negative impact on our planet. Now the young, hip and fashionable are choosing higher quality of life over quantity of space. simple-decorating
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Hard to describe the amazing green lushness of Akaka Falls State Park. A must see on the east side of the Big Island.Marcus R. Donner © 2015

Meet Home Exchange members, Peg and Marcus, who recently spent time a little off the beaten path, away from the crowds on Hawaii’s Big Island!


We’re Peg and Marcus and we live in Seattle, Washington. We joined HomeExchange last fall. After having our listing up for only one month, we were contacted by Amy and Doug from Hilo, Hawaii about doing an exchange in July. We thought, we’ve never been to the Big Island, why not? After setting up our exchange and buying our plane tickets, we started dreaming of our future days in paradise. What we didn’t know was how much of a perfect fit the Big Island, and especially Hilo, was going to be for us.


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