We found a recipe for the perfect home exchange! Do you have any ingredients you’d like to add? Share them with us in the comments below!


  • 2 lbs of Trust
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of Communication
  • 1/4 cup of Courtesy
  • 2 tbsp of an Open Mind
  • 1 tbsp of Location
  • 1 tsp of Flexibility
  • A pinch of Organization
  • A dash of Adventurous Spirit

Servings: Unlimited

Preparation time: The earlier, the better.


1. Create your listing. Add Photos, descriptions, and sharing preferences. Cook until it is well-done.

2. Add ½ cup of communication, little by little, as you start sending and receiving exchange inquiries. Do not let the dish run out of communication. Add more, if needed, and try to respond quickly!

3. Stir in 1tsp of flexibility, 2 tbsp of an open-mind, and 2 pounds of trust. When ready, add 1/4 cup of commitment to seal the deal.

4. Your home exchange is ready to serve! Add a pinch of organization, a dash of adventurous spirit to your taste and enjoy your meal!

Foodie travel recipe

Let’s keep the recipe going! What else do you add to your home exchange recipe? Share them with us!
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foodie travel
Meet foodie bloggers and members, Zuzi and Jan, of, who believe that the best way to see a culture is to taste its food and live like a local.
We love to travel. Living in Prague, a town of sights, we rarely do sightseeing when we travel ourselves. Instead, we travel for food, our passion. We love to taste what is local and seasonal. When we travel, we like to stay away from the crowds: we want to do what the locals do, and learn about their life and culture. And, we like to do it through the food they eat.

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These 10 homes are the most viewed of the 2,100+ listings in the United Kingdom. Let’s find out what made them so popular, and perhaps you’ll find one that you would like to exchange with.

1. Worthing, West Sussex


Spend some time on the coast in this spacious 4-bedroom home, located just a 3-minute walk from the beach and promenade. Approximately 50 miles south of London, and 14 miles west of Brighton, this home will make a great getaway.
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These 10 homes are the most viewed of the 17,000+ listings in the United States. Let’s find out what made them so popular, and perhaps you’ll find one that you will wish to exchange with.

1. White Sulphur Springs, Montana, USA


Looking for a place that can accommodate a family reunion, or a large group traveling together? This spacious seven bedroom home is located inside the Lewis and Clark National Forest, surrounded by 2 million acres of National Forest. The home is in a very remote part of Montana so you can enjoy nature without the tourists. Sit by the fire and stargaze without any light pollution. You can visit nearby Yellowstone Park and Glacier National Park. If you like to hike, fish, ski, snowmobile, and enjoy the glorious great outdoors, this is the place to go.
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sharenl amsterdam sharing economy

Welcome to Community Corner, an update on what’s happening in the world of! This roundup: A home exchange to Vietnam, Fa La Cosa Guista, SHARENL, and “looks-like-a-home” booth.

Did you know that 84% of Amsterdam’s inhabitants are willing to take part in at least one of the examples of collaborative consumption, like office sharing and home exchanging? Our Dutch Rep, Corinne, met with SHARENL in February, which the pioneer group that’s driving the sharing economy in the Netherlands, to help Amsterdam become the #1 Sharing City in Europe.

vietnam airbnb

In December, Mirey, our Turkish rep, went on her 23rd home exchange to Vietnam, a place she has always wanted to visit. She found a lovely coastal home in Mui Ne, situated on the China Sea. She explains, “I wanted to be near the sea side and also a house with a swimming pool in it. I remember that I chose around 10 listings, sent them all an inquiry and got a positive answer from the home I went to Mui Ne.” After 15 days in Mui Ne, Mirey says she left her heart there and would love to visit again. Read More

mars one april fools

Does a home exchange on Mars sound like the perfect long-term getaway? Today, we’re introducing the next giant leap for home exchange: Mars One.

While a very long-term home exchange on Mars One might be available in the not-so-distant future, today is not that day, but it is… April Fools! In the meantime, we currently offer 65,000+ home exchange listings available in 150 countries here on Earth — and we think it’s pretty lovely here on the blue planet.

If you’re looking for a more novel hotel alternative, you don’t have to look to outer space — consider sleeping under the milky-way in one of these treehouses, or let the sea be your home and set sail on one of our available houseboats. We’re sure you’ll find that Earth is a pretty magical place, as well.

Happy home exchanging!


As if anyone actually needs another reason to visit the magnificent city of Istanbul, both veteran and rookie travelers alike now have just that this summer: yet another reason to visit Istanbul.

From May 31 to June 29, music lovers can enjoy the 43rd Annual Istanbul Music Festival. Whether you travel to Istanbul specifically for this festival or if you just find yourself in this grand city during the month of June, it seems a good bet to take advantage of this internationally acclaimed month-long event. The theme this year for the event is “Cultural Landscapes,” which, according to press materials, Read More

home exchange members

Home exchangers are everywhere! Our founder, Ed Kushins, was asked for a hug while hiking recently from passersby, Ray and Leah. They shared some great stories about their home exchange experiences, two in particular being especially memorable.

On a recent Tuesday in March, Terry and I were doing a hike near Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park. Pretty much out in the boonies.

As we approached a couple about our age coming towards us, they excitedly pointed at my t-shirt and said “HomeExchange?!”, and asked us if we did home exchange. Terry explained that not only did we do home exchange, but that I was the President of

The lady rushed up to me, opened her arms and said “May I give you a hug?”

They proceeded to tell us how many great home exchanges they have had and how it has changed their lives. Retired, addicted travelers, they love to RV, but home exchange has allowed them to go farther afield and travel internationally for longer periods because for them, once they got there it didn’t cost any more than staying at home. Read More