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You're probably hoping to visit Africa one day. So what better way to start preparing for a trip to Africa than with the advice of two seasoned travelers?

Listing your home is a great opportunity to add some inexpensive touches to your living space. More exchange offers AND a cozier home? Win/win!

Cod in Portugal

Without a doubt, food is one of the most genuine (and delicious!) ways to experience a new culture. Now that you know how to eat like a local, we’re sharing guest...


Laura López (better known on Instagram as @lauraponts) wakes up every morning thinking about what dish she will be cooking on Instagram and how she will transmit all its beautiful flavor...

You’ve done your homework on the accommodation front, but once you’ve arrived, how will you eat like a local?

Home Exchange Photos

As a photographer and traveler, Daniel knows how important photos of a house are in catching the attention of other exchangers. He is excited to share some tips for taking...

Escondido, CA

I just returned, this past weekend, from enjoying another wonderful travel experience for about as close to free as possible. Read on to learn more!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that any girl in love with Jane Austen’s novels must visit Bath at least once in her life. Ok, so that’s not quite the famous...