Meet Christan and Chris from Cape Town, South Africa. Their beautiful home is full of light and thoughtful design touches that make us want to keep exploring! Names: Christan & Chris Listing ID: 108630 Number of Exchanges: 7 What has been your favorite exchange so far? It’s difficult to say! We’ve never had a bad one – they’ve all been great. Our most recent exchanges to Paris and Berlin were fantastic. But Amsterdam and Barcelona were amazing too. It’s impossible to choose!

top 10 animal spotting

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes cozying up to a whale or hand-feeding an elk, skip the zoo and head to one of our picks for the top ten places to spot amazing animals in the wild.   Katmai National Park and Preserve Alaska, USA Flickr: PamLink / Creative Commons Katmai National Park is a challenge to get to; because there are no roads leaden to the park headquarters, visitors must access it by air. However, the protected population of over 2,200 grizzly bears (the largest in the…

The view from horseback

Ever wonder what it would be like to spend each day among zebras, giraffes, and wildebeests? Meet Marius, a member from a wildlife estate in South Africa!