Our members exchange homes of all shapes and sizes, from cozy apartments to sprawling estates and everything in between. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the most design-centric listings on HomeExchange.com. Which one is your favorite? 1. Paris, France The owners of this Parisian spot are a photographer and a street artist, so it’s no wonder the space is infused throughout with unique, creative touches.   2. Gothenburg, Sweden This beautifully modern, kid-friendly home is close to the sea and the city, surrounded by nature. –…

10 Free London EN

What’s better than having fun things to do? Having fun free things to do. Welcome to our blog series, 10 Free Things. Today we’re exploring 10 fun and free things to do in London.   1. Hit the museums In reality, there are enough museums in London that you could easily spend a week doing nothing but strolling through their halls. Luckily, it’s absolutely free to visit the city’s most popular museums and galleries. Highlights include the Tate Modern, the British Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery.  …

Henley Punting

Offer me a castle in Spain, a mansion in Monaco, an apartment in Paris and no dice. Leave London in June? But it’s the season!


London is home to some of the most beautiful, well-preserved parks and gardens in the world. Here are just a few can’t-miss spots.