You might think that home exchanging is a new concept, but did you know that has been around since 1992? Check out this quick history of home swapping!

How to HE

“Home Exchanging sounds pretty great. How can I exchange my home?” If this thought has ever crossed your mind, you’re not alone!

My house is yours

Typical home swapper: Young. Tech-savvy. Budget traveler. Right? Wrong. Check out the results of this exciting study on Home Exchangers conducted by the University of Bergamo, Italy on the community. “My House is Yours”.

Sandra and Jafar in Dorset

I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Take a holiday on me for two weeks. Any holiday, halfway up a mountain, fully stretched on a beach, or anything in between. Off you go, you and your chosen companions.

Happy Home Exchange

You’ve prepared your home and now you’re on your way to your very first home exchange. Here some tips and etiquette for what to do when you’ve reached your destination.

Happy HomeExchange

So you’ve arranged your very first home exchange. Congrats! You are on your way to living like a local. Here are some tips for preparing your home.

amsterdam max large

Meet Max, a travel blogger from Spain who made his dream of living on a houseboat a reality with Home Exchange!

top 10 reasons home exchange

1. You can walk through your house with your eyes closed and not bump into anything. 2. You love your town so much, you think everyone should live there. 3. You’re thinking about moving, but want to try before you buy. 4. You’ve always dreamed of roughing it, but don’t actually want to sleep in a tent. 5. You’ve always dreamed of being a gourmet chef, but don’t actually want to go to culinary school. 6. You really want to see how much of your high school Spanish class…