Happy HomeExchangers Share Their Best-Evers!

Warm and friendly people, gorgeous locations, thrilling experiences (including the marriage of two HomeExchange Members!), and unforgettable memories. These are what make for “favorite exchanges.” Here are stories from some happy home exchangers about their best-evers…so far.

The Real Reason Kids Should Travel

Home Exchange Member, Joy Orr,  shares her thoughts on the important lessons travel teaches our children. I’d spent my whole life travelling across Europe and around the world, but alas, it had only been in books. I’d experienced the beauty of Tuscany, the magic of Paris, the drama of London. But for more than 40 years, it was only in my imagination through the power of great writing. As my daughter was getting older and experiencing her own adventures through reading, and she began to long to see…

Valerie on left

After having received the gift of membership, Valerie Knight set our for her first Home Exchange, a trip to Vancouver Island in Canada’s Western province, British Columbia. In Valerie’s words… This is my first year of Home Exchange and first experience of exchanging homes, what a success it has been. Within a couple of weeks of my listing going live I was contacted by a couple from Parksville on Vancouver Island who have family living near me in Lancing, UK.  Flights were booked and towards the end… voted number one "Best Website For Booking Your Stay"

It was back at the beginning of October when we first announced the news. was nominated by USATODAY 10Best for a Reader’s Choice Award as Best App/Website for Booking Your Stay. We asked you, our community, to help us out with a vote, letting the world know that Home Exchange is the number one way to book your stay.

For many, the travel experience is all about the food, the culture and the sights a location offers. Although everyone wants a comfortable place to stay, your lodging might mainly be a place to drop your bags and lay your head down at night. You may not need a Home Exchange with six bedrooms, a formal dining room,  home theater and enough space to host a family reunion. Can you own a small home and be a successful Home Exchange member? Will you be able to travel the…

HomeExchange badges introduced Badges recently as friendly indicators to help you get to know one another and showcase your involvement in the community. The response has been fantastic and many Members would like to know how they can earn more. Looking for the Photo Pro Badge? Be sure you have uploaded 10 or more hi-resolution images. Need help with photos? Read more about how to take the best photos for your Listing here: Read More Want to don the Expert Responder Badge? Communication is key at so be…

For some, an expansive abode will always be the ultimate dream house. But for an increasing number of both singles and families, the dream is now to live with less, and experience more.  A generation of retirees first led the charge, dumping decades of clutter and deciding to instead focus on memories: those of the past, and those to come. As urban centers explode beyond their original planned borders, millennials stake claim on tiny flats near public transport, conveniences and work. Environmentally conscious folk pick smaller digs purposely…

4. ElRincóndeBabai_IG_Twittwr_Kindesdijk_Holanda_4th

Did you win our contest? It was back in June when we first announced our “#MyHomeExchange Wish You Were Here Contest” and asked you to share photos or videos of your next Home Exchange adventure with us. WOW, you delivered!


To help you interact with the HomeExchange community and highlight your loyalty and efforts as a Member we are excited to announce and introduce HomeExchange Badges! Badges are new friendly indicators to help you get to know one another and showcase your involvement with the HomeExchange community.