Hungry? Thirsty? On the Road? Personal Restaurant Recommendations From Team Members (Part I of an On-Going Series) The sheer joy of deciding where to travel in order to “live like a local” is surely matched by the two questions that we find ourselves asking over and over… usually the moment you arrive at your destination. “Hungry?” “Yes! Where do you want to eat?” These are, if you will pardon the pun, delicious questions. Here, then, are some refreshingly opinionated recommendations: the favorite restaurants of Team Members…


Extend Your Home Exchange Experience with these Top Cooking Classes While in Paris, New York, Milano, Lisbon and Marrakech. By: Mário de Castro Feed your creativity and your wanderlust. For cooking courses of one or more days, be sure to book before your departure.

tartiflette and salad

Guest post by Caro Blackwell member and foodie Caro shares her recipe for authentic tartiflette. Just try to make it through this post without your mouth watering! “We joined just over a year ago and have had many wonderful offers of beautiful places to visit all around the world. We will be taking our first exchange this Christmas and New Year with a lovely family from South Africa who want to come and discover the French Alps in the winter and enjoy some time on the…

You’ve done your homework on the accommodation front, but once you’ve arrived, how will you eat like a local?