FAQ: Why pay for HomeExchange.com?


Q: I found some home swap sites that don’t charge a subscription fee. Why do I have to pay for HomeExchange.com?

A: Because the safety and security of our members is our top priority.


Think about it: When you want to swap homes, would you ever dream of browsing Craigslist for someone who says they have a cool apartment in the area you want to visit? Since there’s no payment or verification process, that person could be anywhere…and their house might not even exist! The same goes for free home swap sites; when a company doesn’t ask for payment, literally anyone can post a listing to that site with no way for it to be verified.

Of course, there are other perks that come with paying for a HomeExhcange.com subscription along with safety. For an annual fee that costs less than a night in a hotel, you get unlimited exchanges with no hidden charges, endless extra benefits, exclusive access to our knowledgable 24/7 global support team, and a guarantee that if you don’t find an exchange during your first year of membership, your second year is on us.

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8 Comments on “FAQ: Why pay for HomeExchange.com?

  1. I’ve paid subscription for Home Exchange, but do not know how to get into it or how to start looking

  2. How could I “test the waters” to see if anyone wants to come to southeastern North Carolina with a home on the water? Thanks.

  3. I can not get through and finish my subscription with the discount you gave me.

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