A Simple Conversation Unlocks the World

Making travel plans involves a lot of give and take in your travel party, even if yours is just a family of two. Talking over your options and making plans can be half the fun.

Just having a simple conversation about how home sharing works goes a long way toward bringing everyone together for the vacation of a lifetime.

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Guest Post by Maria Giannouli,

This is a fact: Greece is one of the most child-friendly holiday destinations on the planet.  If you’re traveling with babies, small children, or teenagers (or anyone in-between), we urge you to consider a trip to Greece and we guarantee you will not regret it. We’ve compiled our most helpful tips for traveling in Greece.

Everybody Loves Kids

Greek people are warm and welcoming towards everyone, and especially towards children. We’ve never found a restaurant or other establishment where children are not welcome. And don’t be surprised if Greek women stop you on the street to compliment your baby or pinch your toddler’s cheeks. How cute!

Kiddy Food

Traditional Greek restaurants offer lots of child-friendly meal options (check out the article about how to order kid-friendly food in Greece – . The food is lovingly prepared with top-quality, fresh ingredients. There are countless vegan and vegetarian options, as well. Hotel restaurants will often provide a kids’ menu, while Greek taverns generally do not – but we’ve never needed one. Our kids like to taste a little bit of everything, and small plates (mezedes) are perfect for experimenting. On top of that, chefs are usually happy to accommodate your family’s preferences. Read More

Avoid having bored, cranky kids in cramped quarters – travel with!



Check out these top homes to give you an idea what to expect the next time you take a trip. All of these homes are looking for exchange partners! Each one has many pictures  and great descriptions of their homes and surrounding areas giving you a great idea what it will be like when you arrive. From quaint cottages to a large modern farmhouse, you’ll find a place to meet your vacation needs.


Barcelona, Spain


With a spacious backyard and plenty of toys and games for the kids and a trampoline and a pool for the young at heart, it might be difficult to get your kids to leave! This spacious, first floor home is 15 minutes away from downtown with the help of public transportation. WiFi, AppleTV and a DVD player are all included (and so is the TV). You can really get a feel for the place with the 44 pictures the family posted. Check out the lovely modern kitchen and the fun bunk beds. Surrounded by nature, close to the beach and a great place to escape from the everyday life.


Istanbul, Turkey


For the cooks and bakers out there, Maurice’s huge kitchen is waiting for you. Make an espresso while the children play. Stroll through the gardens that surround the house. Relax in the hot tub. With four floors, there’s plenty of room for the entire family to stretch out. Maurice’s home is situated amongst 50 villas in Buyukdere, Sariyer at the Bhosphorus, which is an old fishing village. You could do a bit fishing, hiking, or boating. You can also check out the local farmer’s market as well as the fine dining. Read More


A warm and ready welcome to 2015. As we always say here at, “another year, another adventure!” But where to this time? Read on to discover 15 of the most unforgettable destinations that are begging for you to come visit.



photo credit: looyaa via photopin cc

Experience a joyful Singapore in 2015 as this stunning country celebrates its independence and goes all out for its Golden Jubilee. Look for festivals happening throughout the year. While you’re there, check out the new entertainment district, Marina Bay, stroll through the Botanic Gardens, and take a tour of the Chinatown Heritage Centre. Make sure to leave a little time to relax and experience the Infinite Pool at Hotel Marina Bay Sands.
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To get to know Greece a little better, we asked our Greek representative, Ioanna, to give us the inside scoop on her home country. This is Greece: Unlocked!

How to say hello:

Kalimera (literally good morning, but is also used as hello) or Yia sou (which means health to you)

How to say goodbye:

Adio or Ya!

How to say thank you:


Currency used:

Euro (at least for now…)


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Q: I love the idea of Home Exchange, but I have a pet. Can I still do it?
A: Yes, absolutely! Check out our Pet Travel Infographic and discover 13,000+ pet friendly listings around the world. Connect with thousands of pet lovers just like you all around the world at