The polite “no thanks, not now” goes a long way. Replying quickly to your home exchange inquiries is more than just a common courtesy, it’s a doorway to more opportunities.

In a world of bulk email and spam, we forget that each inquiry from the home exchange network is a fellow home exchanger excited to explore the world.

Your prompt reply to an inquiry lets fellow Members know you heard them, and establishes a meaningful connection that could some day develop into a journey or a new friendship. A quick reply is an acknowledgement that you value the non-traditional travel and personal connections that come with home exchanging.

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It started with Collections, now we are happy to announce that we are hard at work on the next stage: Personalized Collections.
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When you want to get away from it all and lounge at the pool, look no further. These ten homes provide luxurious pools, spectacular views, and inspiring amenities that will leave you speechless. Add these ten to your destination list and return with splash-filled memories to share.

1. Gianyar, Indonesia


When every view from a villa overlooks a garden, jungle, or river, you must be in the tropical paradise of Bali, Indonesia. This Balinese-style house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, and a large dance/yoga studio. The outdoor pool sits comfortably in the garden and is surrounded by the jungle. Should you need to venture out, several restaurants and spas are within walking distance. The villa is only seven minutes away from Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali. This quiet villa gives you a chance to relax and get far away from it all without too much hassle to get back to the city.

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HomeExchange.com Members have spoken. Here are 5 of the most popular second homes as determined by the number of views.

These 5 homes are spread across the globe, and they are just a small sample of the over 10,000 second home Listings on HomeExchange.com.

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When you’re visiting a new town or country, it can be difficult to figure out the best places to visit, eat, and experience. See how one experienced traveler, Dawn Paulinski, reaches out to home exchangers and helps to give them the best local experience. It’s an innovative approach to sharing the love of where you live with other home exchange partners as well as opening doors to future home exchanges, and it’s simple to get started. Read More


Open up your second home for exchange possibilities, and you could be surprised where you’ll be traveling next. Be it a vacation home or weekend getaway cottage, you’ll have more opportunities and flexibility in exchanges. As Nina discovered, by including her cottage by the lake, they were able to take advantage of more exchange opportunities that lead to new adventures.


My family joined HomeExchange.com in February 2011, a decision that has completely changed our holidays and also otherwise had a huge impact on our lives. What used to be one or two short European holidays a year has become six to eight weeks of interesting stays abroad every year – both in Europe and overseas. The first swaps were traditional simultaneous exchanges of primary homes and we were really satisfied with our experiences. Then the following year we got a request from Spain where the Catalonian family offered their vacation home in a beach town as the proposed exchange would take place in October and because of school their teenage children would not be able to travel so their home in Girona was not available. They could, however, include cars in the exchange. We agreed and had a beautiful autumn week exploring the Costa Brava area. We did have some doubts about the size and equipment of the house, but since we are only three it really was big enough for us (and there was less to clean in the end!) and we had everything we needed. Our wonderful exchange partners even arranged a laptop with internet connection for us as there was no wi-fi  in the weekend home.

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Amanda recently moved to an apartment in Long Beach, California and needed a way to celebrate her 30th birthday. Her budget was limited, and it was an important birthday to celebrate. As soon as she learned about HomeExchange, Amanda started making plans.

paris-homeexchange-amanda-3I was at the Travel and Adventure Show in Long Beach on February 2014 when I met Keghan Hurst at the Home Exchange booth. Something about the minimalist booth with iPads caught my eye. Keghan was so friendly and explained to me and my sister the concept of a network of people who exchange their homes when they travel. I immediately thought The Holiday! Keghan said that was the magic word and gave us the DVD. (I love that movie!) She also had us sign up for a free trial membership. This got my wheels turning. You see, April 2014 was going to be my big 30th birthday, and I had no plans yet.

I’m a travel junkie and had returned from a year traveling abroad only 16 months prior. I had just settled into a new job and apartment in Long Beach with little to no money saved for traveling. However, with my big birthday coming up, airline miles accumulated, and this new concept of a home exchange, I began planning! Read More


How Second Homes Expand Your Home Exchange Options

Whether you happen to own a second home or not, there is good news for those of you thinking about joining or renewing your HomeExchange.com membership.

Second homes constitute a growing category in home swapping: Since 2013 alone, HomeExchange.com’s global listings of second homes (or vacation homes) has ticked from 16% to 21% and shows signs of continuing to increase. In one of the most popular destinations, France, 3 million second homes represent nearly 10% of the country’s total housing stock.

Why is this such good news? Let us count the reasons. First, for everyone:
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