By Jim Pickell, President

2015 was a Banner Year for the HomeExchange community

My fellow HomeExchange Members,

In the last 12 months, we sent over 2.5 million exchange inquiries to each another, resulting in 150,000 exchanges. Our most-contacted listing received nearly 3,000 inquiries – almost 10 per day. Together we saved about $450,000,000, allowing us to travel further, stay longer and do more. With well over 1 million exchanges since we launched, that’s approximately $3 billion in savings!


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Jay and Donna, a British couple who make their home on the west coast of France, have taken part in more than 25 exchanges, all through HomeExchange. They’ve enjoyed local hospitality in multiple locations in California, as well as Las Vegas, Spain and the French Alps. Jay and Donna run a holiday rental company and know from deep firsthand experience what is expected when you open the doors of your family home to visitors.

That makes their thoughts about us all the more powerful:


Having now completed over 25 exchanges, we certainly feel Homeexchange.com has changed our lives in ways we never thought possible.

This fabulous concept of exchanging homes is an amazing opportunity to experience the finest of homes and areas, and meet people who become lifelong friends. The saying ‘live like a local’ is so apt and something we, as a family of two adults and two teenage kids, feel suits our holiday experiences and requirements.

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It’s the list you’ve all been waiting for: 10 of the homes that most inspired you to dream of travel during 2015.

When you search through the 66,000 Listings on HomeExchange.com, it’s hard not to fantasize. A lot. What would it be like to live in that Swiss chalet with views of the Alps? Or that Australian beachfront house within earshot of Pacific surf? Or that chic Manhattan apartment just steps from Lincoln Center and Central Park?

The pictures and descriptions of so many of the homes make you ache to hit the road and embrace discovery. They bring to life the excitement of cities like New York, Paris, Florence and Prague, as well as the calming effect of village retreats in Brazil or islands sanctuaries in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.

Here, then, are some of the HomeExchange Listings that received the most exchange inquiries in 2015. And turned fantasies into realities for a bunch of lucky exchangers.

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101 best travel tools you need in 2016

2015 was a great year for us at HomeExchange.com. We recently scooped up an award from USA TODAY 10Best naming us Best Website for Booking Your Stay” as chosen by USA TODAY readers.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re starting 2016 with high accolades, once again being named a “Best Of” travel resource. In fact, we’re the only home exchange community named in the article from travel writer, William D. Chalmers, in the Huffington Post: World’s 101 Best Travel Websites: 2016 Edition. Woohoo! Congratulations to our fellow friends from TripAdvisor, JohnnyJet and Eat Your World, we are happy to see that they also made it to the list!

“With literally millions of underutilized homes in prime destinations, more and more savvy travelers are recognizing that home sharing is the future of travel.”

      -Jim Pickell, Home Exchange President.

Featured image: HomeExchange.com /
This is Byron, during a Home Exchange in Sardinia.

Your best travel year ever.

January is the best time to lock in your travel dreams for the year ahead. It’s a little-known fact with lots of data to prove it!

How good does it get? January is when a majority of homes gets listed and booked on HomeExchange, so the selection is unparalleled… and the inventory is fresh.

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The Real Reason Kids Should Travel

Home Exchange Member, Joy Orr,  shares her thoughts on the important lessons travel teaches our children.

I’d spent my whole life travelling across Europe and around the world, but alas, it had only been in books. I’d experienced the beauty of Tuscany, the magic of Paris, the drama of London. But for more than 40 years, it was only in my imagination through the power of great writing.

As my daughter was getting older and experiencing her own adventures through reading, and she began to long to see the places she read about, I realized how much I wanted her not just to imagine the great places in the world, but to actually be there. Read More

How the World Sees HomeExchange.com

Press coverage about home exchanging from around the globe

Home exchangers, your time has come and the reviews are in.

Each one of you has helped build the world of HomeExchange.com and now you are getting noticed — all around the globe. Here is an overview of press coverage from different countries over the past year, which provides an interesting picture of the fast-growing, worldwide phenomenon of home swapping.

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